Tuxmat vs Weathertech – Which Floor liner is Better?

If you are a car owner then you know how useful a car floor mat is and how much it provides benefits. This prevents dirt from spreading on the carpet and keeps it clean at all times.

It specializes in cleaning carpets as well as protecting them from damage which in turn enhances the aesthetics of your car’s interior. The frustration, however, is that hard work is hard to find in a good, quality, and durable floor mat.

There are hundreds of floor mat manufacturers in the market, most notably WeatherTech and Tuxmat. Both these brands have been providing good quality floor mats to customers for a long time and the popularity of these two brands is skyrocketing. So now the question may come which is the best one between Tuxmat VS WeatherTech?

For your convenience, we will now try to compare these two brands in this article so that you can get an idea of ​​which is better for whom or which is more useful. But first, you need to know about these two brands. So let’s get started.


Located in Ontario, Canada, Tuxmat is a floor mat manufacturing company that aims to create a luxurious floor mat that provides full coverage and a luxurious finish.

Unlike other manufacturers, Tuxmat is surrounded by much positive feedback and its reputation before them.

One of the main things that make their floor mats exceptional is their development process. They start by using laser technology to scan the floor space of your car.

From that data, a prototype is created and tested in the original car. This is done to correct and adjust so that the final product fits snugly and covers the entire foot space.

Orders placed at Tuxmat are filled, packaged, and shipped to the respective clients from their headquarters in Canada.

The materials and technology used to make their floor mats are advanced and that is why these mats are effective in serving cars as well as their owners.


If you’ve never used WeatherTech mats in your car, you’ve probably seen their ads on TV or billboards.

These brands have a strong marketing strategy which has made them very popular. It’s not just marketing. Like WeatherTech, their car floor mats are quite exceptional.

WeatherTech was one of the first few companies to bring modern custom floor mats to market. Initially, car owners had to endure low-quality floor mats from car manufacturers.

When WeatherTech came into the picture, car owners were introduced to a whole new world of advanced car mats that offer maximum protection under the carpet and are easy to wash.

With the help of WeatherTech mats on your floor, whether you live in areas where you feel bad weather or not, these mats will protect your carpet from dirt, dust, mud, and unwanted spills.

Like Tuxmat, WeatherTech also uses a laser-beam fitting mechanism that ensures your car fits perfectly. The advantage of a perfect fit is that nothing will be able to get past its protection.

The Comparison Between Tuxmat and WeatherTech

Tuxmat and WeatherTech are both well-known brands and they have been successfully delivering great floor mats to customers for a long time. For this, it is a bit challenging to choose one between Tuxmat VS WeatherTech.

However, if you compare the characteristics of these two brands, you will understand which one should be chosen for you. So, please take a look at the comparison between these two brands.

Tuxmat vs WeatherTech- Overall Quality

Judging by the quality, there is no denying that these two brands have been providing high-quality products to customers.

The products of this brand can serve you for a long time as they are made of high-quality materials. You can also easily install the products in your car. You do not have to hire any professionals separately.

The good thing about WeatherTech is that it is made from custom-blended TPO material. It is water-resistant as well as quite durable. Tuxmat, on the other hand, is water-resistant and can be customized in mixed colors with car interiors. The middle layer contains ethylene-vinyl acetate which acts as foam rubber and gives an extra mattress to the mat.

Tuxmat vs WeatherTech- Material

The biggest difference between these two brands is the materials they used in their products. Weathertech uses high-density tri-extruded plastics in its products that have a single-layer design and are very rigid.

Tuxmats, on the other hand, uses three-tiered designs in its products. Having PVC in the first layer, it may look a bit like plastic. The middle layer is ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) which is a thin layer of foam so they have some cushion. The third and final layer is the fabric and it is to prevent skidding.

The best thing about these two brands is that they are both waterproof and will work well in winter even if your roads are very salty.

Tuxmat vs WeatherTech- Maintenance

When it comes to maintenance, it is important to note that the products of these two brands are not the same in terms of maintenance, there are some differences.

WeatherTech works like any other floormat, so you don’t have to worry about clips restoring your holding hooks, just remove them from the car and spray them with a cleaner.

Then you wash them with a hose like any other mat. Note that you can clean them with just a cloth and spray I find that rocks and components just make it harder to clean.

Tuxmats, on the other hand, are a difficult task to maintain or clean. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. There are also some tips to follow when cleaning.

Tuxmat vs WeatherTech- Cost

Needless to say, the cost is one of the most important factors, and although these two mats cost the same. But to make things easier, we have listed them for a 2021 Hyundai Palisade (three rows) so that you can easily understand the subject.

Tuxmats will cost you to cover three rows: 279.50 (USD). This price makes them more expensive enough if not sold at the time of purchase. Weathertech will cost you $ 259.85 (USD) to cover three rows.

Both companies offer an additional cargo mat, which is optional. The cost is very similar between these two liners but you can see that they are a bit more expensive than all the quality all-weather floor mats that come with your car.

Tuxmat vs WeatherTech-Tuxmat Suitable for whom?

Tuxmat is made for personal and luxury vehicles. As a car owner who wants to prolong the life of their carpet and make their car interior look great, this is the ideal mat for you.

Also, for those who rent luxury cars, Tuxmat will blend in with your luxurious interior finish. And while these mats protect your carpet from falling off, your riders will enjoy the extra cushions provided by the three-tiered mat design.

Tuxmat vs WeatherTech- WeatherTech Suitable for whom?

WeatherTech mats are made for commercial purposes and for those who drive in extreme weather. Matt from WeatherTech is designed to offer heavy responsibilities and unmatched functionality.

Therefore, if you own a commercial vehicle or live in an area that experiences harsh weather, these mats are strong enough to keep mud, water, snow, and salt from your carpet. And very easy to clean.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is TuxMat made in Canada?

To ensure the precise fit of TuxMat in North American vehicles, it is scanned on all car floors in Toronto, Canada. The specifications are then shipped to China for overseas production and then stored in warehouses in Canada for quality assurance and modification.

What is TuxMat made of?

TuxMat uses a three-tiered design. Having PVC in the first layer, it may look a bit like plastic. The middle layer is ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) which is a thin layer of foam so they have some cushion. The third and final layer is the fabric and it is to prevent skidding.

How do you wash a TuxMat?

Splash TuxMat with water, in this case, a garden hose is the easiest to use. Scrub TuxMat with a gentle sponge, a simple household cleaning sponge will do it. Rinse again with water. Dry TuxMat with a microfiber cloth.

Are Smartliner and Maxliner the same?

Smartliner USA (formerly known as Maxliner USA) was founded in 2009 by two committed friends with the idea of ​​providing durable and high-quality automated floor accessories to their customers.


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