WeatherTech Vs. Smartliner (Maxliner) – Which Floor liner is better?

If some nice add-on floor liners or mats are listed, conceivably two brands will find a place there. These are Smartliners and Weathertech.

The great feature of these two brands is that these floor mats/liners specialize in providing much more interior protection than traditional floor mats.

Both brands are high-performance that offer floor liners and mats for every automobile with all tastes and budgets. Now the question may come which is more suitable to choose between WeatherTech vs Smartliner.

In this article, we will try to determine which is the most suitable by highlighting the different characteristics of these two brands. So let’s get started.

WeatherTech Smartliner vs Weathertech

Since the main point of this article is to know which is effective to choose between Smartliner vs Weathertech, we need to get an idea about the different features of these two brands and compare them.

For your convenience, we will try to make compare tables with these two brand features separately so that you can easily understand them.

Build Technology

The Weathertech brand uses advanced DigitalFit technology that enables it to measure the structure of all automobile models. The use of the laser measurement method in production helps in making vehicles and designing thick floor mats according to the year. Advanced free-form surface modeling (surface channeling) helps to define, trim and assemble to give a strong product.It uses the latest computer-generated modeling equipment to create floor liners that will be perfectly aligned with most vehicles. Floor mats are constructed with a standard thickness (not too thick).

As the table shows, both brands use different production processes and technologies. Weathertech uses state-of-the-art laser tools to create custom floor mats/liners that are measured for specific craftsmanship.

The construction methods adopted by the Weathertech brand ensure strict strength and top performance. The process ensures the high durability of the floor liner. The construction process is certified by Weathertech to maintain ISO9001 quality standards.

Smartliner floor mats use CAD techniques to design floor mats, but using Weathertech the output is not high. Again, Weather Tech Heavy-Duty built-in floor mats are thicker and better absorb carpet debris and debris.


A patented high-density tri-extruded (HDTE) material provides a tactile feel to the surface that allows easy 3D printing. Thus, ergonomic and well-defined surface channels can be created. Advanced Heavy-Duty Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) is flexible and wear-resistant.Smartliner car floor mats are made of low-density plastic rubber mixed polythene.
The material may expand slightly during the burning temperature but returns to its average size without any damage. These mats are more odorless, non-toxic, and anti-skid.The material is semi-flexible but rigid and strong. These mats are completely odorless, “BPA-free,” or “non-toxic.” You won’t even smell when you unboxed it.

Judging by the texture of the material of both brands, no one can distinguish between the two. Again, Weathertech and Smartliner floor mats are both odorless and non-toxic even after unboxing. There is no minimum odor after unboxing Weathertech floor mats But then, the smell is hardly noticeable.

Weathertech and Smartliners use rubberized materials, but processing makes all the difference.

First, the Weathertech brand uses advanced heavy-duty TPE materials that are tougher and more flexible than Smartliner blended rubber plastics and polythene materials that can sometimes feel fragile.

Second, Weathertech floor mats are made from nationally sourced materials that make the product more economically viable and preferred by locals.

Shape and design

Weathertech FloorLiners accurately follow the contour of the car’s footwall. It completely aligns with the carpet which gives it absolute interior protection. The extruded clits on the mat create traction and help keep the floor mat in place.Smartliner floor mats give a smooth, stylish look to molded 3D shapes that are perfectly aligned with factory-grade carpeting. These floor mats are textured for more traction with raised lips/edges.
Added anchoring design (mat/ liner grip) that matches the factory-mat mounting point in four different colors (black, gray, cocoa, and tan) to match your interior is less aesthetically pleasing.Floor mats have nibs that easily dig into the car’s original carpet mat. Floor mats are available in four standard colors to match your interior

As the table shows, both brands use computer-aided technology to design their products. The brands are available in the same four colors. When it comes to aesthetics, Smartliners are more stylish and sleek.

They are lighter and more efficient in lifting than Weathertech. The Weathertech brand focuses more on designs that give precision, not appearance.

Both brands have extended edges to better hold liquids and to further protect the carpet against wear. Both are classified as anti-slip mats with clasps or snaps that hook the carpet of the original car.

However, Weathertech has a more pronounced lip, especially on the back. These are designed to be spread out in a separate reservoir so that the Smartliner with wall-to-wall coverage springs better than floor mats. On the other hand, WeatherTech’s liners have a more grippy surface.

Fitting and custom vehicle range

Weather tech floor liners are laser-measured for custom fit (digital-fit) and semi-custom (trim to fit). They make floor mats for both front and rear and in some cases cargo. These are easy to match and install to the specific floor configuration of your car.Smartliner floor mats use advanced computer modeling to ensure a near-perfect custom fit. This floor mat cannot be trimmed.
The brand makes floor mats for almost every car on the road. A huge custom range for customers to choose from, trimmed to fit even floor mats. No tools are required for installation.The brand makes floor mats for both front and back. Many models of cars, trucks, and SUVs are available for making but still less than the range covered by Weathertech.

Both Weathertech and Smartliners are easy products to install. But the Smartliner floor was not designed with the laser measurement technique used by Matt Weathertech. Therefore, it may in many cases be a weaker fit for some vehicles than the latter.

We’ve noticed that Weathertech products fit perfectly in terms of length and side to side. They fit even better with uneven floors and barriers. Weathertech universal floor mats are easy to trim for a customized fit. Trim-to-fit mats offer a better fit for your car and trim to fit

Weathertech designs.

Moreover, Weathertech floor mats have a wide variety of liners for almost all vehicles on American roads. The Smartliners’ vehicle-specific floor mat range is slightly shorter than Weathertech, and they focus more on trucks and SUVs.


All Weathertech floor liners are easy to clean. Improved surface channels carry spilled liquid and debris to a lower reservoir. Fluid gets stuck, adjusting the minimum fluid movement while driving. Just remove the floor liner from the door and empty it if necessary. Loose mud/dirt can be cleaned using a water hose or pressure washer.The Smartliner has raised lips and molded the outer edges and does a great job of locking up all dirt, mud, and liquid splashes.
If you want to get rid of clutter, all you need is a bristle brush. Everyday use Weathertech floor mats can quickly turn gray, but the best part is that you can restore the original look using an auto tech cleaner. Their floor mats are a little heavy but easy to lift.Smartliner floor mats are light in weight. The carpet is easy to lift and clean without getting messy in the process.

In terms of maintenance, both brands are equally good. Weathertech and Smartliners floor mats offer easy operation to customers. Both can be easily installed in your car and are easy to clean.

However, we will give this category to Weathertech, who scored an average of 4.7 stars out of 5 in maintenance, slightly higher than the 4.5 average ratings achieved by Smatliners. This is because Weathertech has a more effective ability to retain liquid spill (advanced surfaced channeling) than Smartliner floor mats.


Weathertech floor liners are more expensive than other options due to their technology and heavy-duty components. For example, two rows of a sedan from Weathertech could easily top $ 170. Prices may vary from portal to portal.The price of Smartliner floor mats is reasonable. The price of this floor remains the same on a home portal or from any authorized dealer and another e-com portal. All Smartliner floor mats come in the range of $ 120- $ 140 for at least two rows.

Note that the price of floor mats/liners can vary significantly depending on what you are driving, where you are buying from, and what units you are buying (for front or rear or both).

The Smartliner has a competitive edge over the Weathertech floor mats in terms of price. For example, the Smartliner Honda 3-row liner unit costs about $ 190 more than the Weathertech Honda unit’s 3-row liner.

It is also indicative that both brands are rated better when placed side by side. But the Smartliner is considered to be more budget-friendly than the Weathertech MAT unit, which can keep you out of your budget.

Comparison Summary

FitmentTwo Options- Custom fit and trim to fitOnly custom fit
MaterialHigh-Density Tri-Extruded (HDTE) material & 100% recyclable!100% recyclable blended plastic rubber and polyethylene
DensityHigh densityLow density
WeightA bit HeavyLight
DesignPronounced lip, raised edges, and advanced surface channeling.    Raised Edges & Sleek Channels.
Stain removal More comprehensive, shallower grooves made them easier to clean.                More profound, but narrow grooves but easy to clean for most spills, dirt, and mud.
WarrantyLimited lifetime warrantyLimited lifetime warranty

Smartliner vs Weathertech- The Winner

Needless to say, Smartliner and Weathertech are both great brands that have been meeting the needs of customers for a long time. But when it comes to choosing the best of the two, it is a daunting task.

You already have the idea of ​​a variety of feature differences between Smartliner vs Weathertech. Now is the time to decide which of these two brands to choose.

Although both are quite functional in terms of features, in some cases Weathertech is a bit ahead of Smartliner. Although the price of Smartliner is reasonable compared to Weathertech, considering the overall aspect, we would suggest you choose Weathertech.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Smartliner the same as Maxliner?

Smartliner USA (formerly known as Maxliner USA) was founded in 2009 by two committed friends with the idea of ​​providing durable and high quality automated floor accessories to their customers.

Is WeatherTech better than OEM?

OEM mats are the most flexible and give the most, where WeatherTech liners are not too rigid and curved in structure. Husky Liners have something to offer but not as much as OEM. If you are easily annoyed by loud noises, you may want to move away from Weathertech.

Are WeatherTech mats worth it?

It meets and exceeds all standards. Compared to stock mats, weathertech liners have tougher and longer durability. They perform better than most aftermarket mats. Their precise craftsmanship gives them an edge over all others.

Where are WeatherTech floor mats made?

Weathertech floorliners, all-weather mats and trim-to-fit floor mats are all made in Bowlingbrook, Illinois by skilled American workers using all American materials.

Final Thought

Floor mats/liners from these two brands are designed to provide much more interior protection than traditional floor mats. Weathertech and Smartliner are both high-end brands that offer floor liners and mats for every automobile and every taste and budget.

Both weather technology and Smartliners have performed well in many areas. They were similar in terms of maintenance and reliability. However, the distinct area makes Weathertech a better choice for drivers than Smartliner.

But if you want to know which is the better one to choose between Smartliner vs Weathertech, we will suggest you select Weathertech. It scores durability, material, firmness, fit (both front and rear), and comfort and adhesion (how well they hold) underfoot.


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