3 Best 4 inch lift kit for Dodge Ram 1500 4wd

Need to add a lift kit to your dodge ram 1500 4wd? if you live in an area with steep terrains and rough roads, add a lift kit that can provide extra clearance. Or, maybe you want to give your dodge ram 1500 4wd an aggressive makeover by adding bigger tires. 

Either way, if you want to add a little bit of height to your dodge ram 1500 without significantly altering its suspension, a 4-inch lift kit can be ideal. But the problem is that picking the wrong lift kit can increase the wear of the tires and even damage other components. 

So, are you looking for the Best 4-inch lift kit for Dodge Ram 1500 4wd? This guide will help you pick one and additional know-how on lift kit installation.

3 Top 4-inch lift kit for dodge ram 1500 4wd

1. ReadyLift 69-1040 4.0”

ReadyLift 69-1040 4.0″ lift kit includes everything you need to lift your truck 4 inches, including front and rear coil spring spacers, shocks, and all necessary hardware. Installation is straightforward and can be done in a few hours. 

it’s designed to work with your truck’s factory suspension. That means you won’t have to worry about any alignment issues that can affect your vehicle. Also, as the spacers are made from high-quality steel, you can expect them to last for many years. 

If you’re looking for a small lift that will give you a little extra clearance without compromising ride quality or durability of any internal components of your dodge ram 1500, the ReadyLift 69-1040 4.0″ lift kit is a great option.

2. Superlift | 3600 | 3.5″ Lift Kit with Shadow Series Rear Shocks

Superlift 3.5″ Lift Kit with Shadow Series Rear Shocks is half an inch shorter than the ReadyLift 69-1040 4.0″. So, while it’s not exactly a 4″ lift kit if you want to add extra height to your dodge ram 1500, the ReadyLift 69-1040 4.0″ lift kit is still a great option. 

The 3.5″ lift kit provides just the right amount of lift, giving the Ram 1500 an aggressive look sure to turn heads. But it’s not just about looks; the additional height also provides increased clearance and ground clearance, making the Ram 1500 even more capable off-road.

Using the Superlift 3.5″ Lift Kit on your dodge ram 1500 4wd will also allow you to maintain the same angles and geometry as before the lift kit was installed. This is important for keeping your vehicle’s handling predictable and safe. In addition, it comes with precision-engineered, high-clearance cross members and extended-length, fabricated steel upper control arms, resulting in superior on and off-road handling characteristics while maintaining comfortable ride quality.

3. Rough Country 3.25″ Lift Kit for 2007-2018 Jeep Wrangler JK

Rough Country 3.25″ Lift Kit is the perfect way to get some extra ground clearance and change the look of your dodge ram 1500! Although labeled as a lift kit for Jeep Wrangler, it also fits perfectly with the Dodge ram 1500 4wd.

This lift kit features Rough Country’s N3 shock absorbers, designed for a comfortable ride on and off the road. In addition, the front and rear shocks are nitrogen charged, and the front and back spring rates have also been increased to maintain a comfortable ride.

This lift kit also includes upper control arms, and Coil correction plates help it handle as well. The front and rear cross members are made from heavy-duty steel and powder-coated for durability. Also, it will cost you much less than the previous two 3.25-inch lift kits we have reviewed here. 

How to install a 4-inch lift kit on dodge ram 1500 4wd?

If you need an easy guide for installing a 4″ lift kit on your Dodge Ram 1500 then this video tutorial will be a good one to follow.


What do I need to install a 4-inch lift kit?

Here is a list of components you might need to install a 4-inch lift kit in your dodge ram 1500 4wd.

  1. jack stand
  2. Pry bars 
  3. PB Blaster
  4. Torque wrench 
  5. Sockets: 24 mm, 22 mm, 21 mm, 17mm, 15 mm  
  6. Hammer 
  7. Wrench: 8 mm, 15 mm, 18 mm, 21 mm
  8. 10mm stud extensions
  9. impact wrench
  10. lug wrench.
  11. bushings

Do you want to have more detailed instructions on how to install a 4-inch lift kit in your dodge ram 1500? Here is a good video and also an article you can follow:

What size tires Should You put on a Dodge Ram 1500 with a 4-inch lift?

35-inch and 37-inch tires are ideal for trucks with a 4-inch lift to avoid wheels from rubbing. Here is a breakdown of what size tires are best for different lift heights. 

Lift Kit HeightTire Size
4″35″ and 37.”
6″ 38″

What is the best lift kit size?

Looking for a mild lift to improve the look of your ride or give you a little extra clearance for off-road adventures? a 4-inch lift kit might be the right choice.

Does lifting a truck affect transmission?

Generally speaking, installing a lift kit shouldn’t have any negative impact on your transmission. But every vehicle is different, so it’s always best to consult with a professional before making any modifications.

Once you have installed a lift kit, take it easy on your truck first. Give the transmission a chance to adjust to the new height, and don’t put too much strain on it until you’re sure it can handle it. 

Do lift trucks hold value?

Lifted trucks are becoming increasingly popular, but do they hold extra value when selling?

Generally speaking, lifted trucks do tend to hold their value better than non-lifted trucks. 

However, it depends on what the customer is looking for, how well it’s been maintained, and the current market conditions.

On the one hand, a lift kit can make your truck more difficult to sell, as it will be less appealing to buyers who aren’t looking for a lifted truck. 

On the other hand, a lift kit can also make your truck more unique and appealing to specific buyers. So if you research and install a quality lift kit with the help of qualified personnel, it could increase the resale value of your truck.

Final verdict

 So, what is the best 4-inch lift kit for your dodge ram 1500 4wd? If you are not on a budget, you can pick either the ReadyLift 69-1040 or the super lift 3600. 


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