Truxedo Sentry Ct Vs Bak Revolver X4S: Ultimate Showdown

The Truxedo Sentry CT and BAK Revolver X4S are top-tier, roll-up truck bed covers. Both offer security and sleek design, but with distinct features.

Choosing the right truck bed cover is crucial for enhancing your vehicle’s functionality and appearance. The Truxedo Sentry CT stands out with its industrial-strength fabric and stylish matte finish, ensuring durability and a sophisticated look. On the other hand, the BAK Revolver X4S impresses with its heavy-duty aluminum slats and premium matte finish, providing unmatched strength and a low-profile design.

Both models boast easy installation and operation, making them user-friendly. Yet, their differences in material and design elements cater to diverse preferences and needs. Whether you prioritize elegant appearance or robust protection, understanding these nuances can guide you to the perfect choice for your truck.

Design And Durability

TruXedo Sentry CT and BAK Revolver X4S are two heavy-hitters in the truck bed cover arena, both boasting sleek design and robust durability. These covers not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of a truck but also provide formidable protection for cargo. Selecting the right cover hinges on understanding the materials used and the level of weather resistance each one offers. Let’s delve into the details that set each cover apart in these crucial aspects.

Materials Used

When it comes to the materials used, both the TruXedo Sentry CT and the BAK Revolver X4S demonstrate excellence in craftsmanship. The Sentry CT employs a unique combination of materials, featuring:

  • Industrial-strength fabric that resists wear and tear.
  • An aluminum frame that provides a sturdy base.
  • Matte black finish for a premium, contemporary look.

In contrast, the BAK Revolver X4S showcases:

  • Heavy-duty aluminum slats that can support loads.
  • A matte-finished surface for enhanced scratch resistance.
  • Integrated locking rails that secure the cover the full length of the bed.

Below is a comparison table highlighting key material differences:

Feature TruXedo Sentry CT BAK Revolver X4S
Top Material Industrial-strength fabric Matte-finished aluminum slats
Frame Construction Aluminum Aluminum with integrated locking
Finish Matte black Matte black

Both covers are designed to be low-profile, providing a sleek, flush mount look that blends seamlessly with your truck’s lines. The choice between the two may come down to personal preference for material feel and the specific security features each offers.

Weather Resistance

Durability in diverse weather conditions is a must for any truck bed cover. The TruXedo Sentry CT and the BAK Revolver X4S are both designed to stand up to the elements. The Sentry CT’s industrial-strength fabric is not only wear-resistant but also holds its own against rain, snow, and sun. Key features include:

  • Extra corner reinforcement to prevent water pooling.
  • Tight seal around the bed to keep moisture out.
  • UV protection to prevent fading and material degradation.

The BAK Revolver X4S, with its aluminum slats, offers:

  • Integrated drainage system to channel water away.
  • High-endurance seals for maximum weatherproofing.
  • Resistance to UV rays and harsh climates for year-round protection.

The table below captures the weather resistance features:

Weather Feature TruXedo Sentry CT BAK Revolver X4S
Water Resistance Reinforced corners and tight seal Integrated drainage system
UV Protection Yes Yes
Cold Weather Flexibility Remains flexible in cold Resilient to cracking

Both covers are engineered to keep your cargo dry and secure, no matter the weather. This ensures peace of mind whether you’re braving a storm or enduring a scorching hot day. The Sentry CT and Revolver X4S are both champions of weather resistance, each with its own unique strengths.

Truxedo Sentry Ct Vs Bak Revolver X4S: Ultimate Showdown


Installation Process

Choosing between the Truxedo Sentry CT and the BAK Revolver X4S often comes down to their installation process. Both covers offer robust protection and style for your truck bed, but the ease with which you can set them up might tip the scales. Let’s dive into the installation steps for these two popular truck bed covers to help you decide which one best fits your DIY skills.

Ease Of Installation

Starting with the Truxedo Sentry CT, the installation is a breeze. You won’t need to drill or modify your truck, which is a relief for many. Here are some highlights that make the process smooth:

  • Clamp-on rails ensure a no-drill setup, attaching directly to the truck bed.
  • A simple latch system makes it easy to secure the cover.
  • The cover comes pre-assembled, so you just need to position it and tighten a few bolts.

On the other hand, the BAK Revolver X4S also prides itself on a user-friendly installation. Some points to note include:

  • Its patented rotational locking rails auto-engage to secure the cover along the entire bed.
  • No drilling is required here either, preserving the integrity of your truck bed.
  • Installation is a one-person job, with clear instructions to guide you through each step.

Both covers typically take about 30 to 60 minutes to install, depending on your skill level. The process is straightforward, with each step designed for a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Tools Required

To install the Truxedo Sentry CT, you’ll need the following tools:

  • A 1/2″ wrench or socket.
  • Weather stripping is included, so no additional sealant is required.
  • An extra pair of hands can help position the cover, but it’s not mandatory.

For the BAK Revolver X4S, you should have:

  • A 9/16″ wrench or socket for the bolts.
  • Protective bulkhead seal that comes with the package.
  • Again, an extra hand can be helpful but isn’t necessary.

Both truck bed covers are designed for a straightforward DIY installation. The manufacturers provide all the necessary hardware, with no need for any special or unusual tools. With just a basic toolset, you can have your truck bed covered and secure in no time.

Security And Accessibility

Picking the right tonneau cover for your truck is key for both security and accessibility. The Truxedo Sentry CT and the Bak Revolver X4S are top choices. They keep your cargo safe and make bed access easy. Let’s dive into how these covers handle locking and bed entry.

Locking Mechanism

Security is a must when guarding your gear. The Truxedo Sentry CT comes with a robust slam latch system. It locks up tight with the tailgate. This means, if your tailgate is locked, so is the cover. It’s made of strong aluminum slats that resist forced entry. On the other hand, the Bak Revolver X4S boasts a patented rotational locking system. Each slat locks to the rail, offering unmatched security. Here’s what you should know about each cover’s locking features:

  • Truxedo Sentry CT: Slam latch, integrates with tailgate lock
  • Bak Revolver X4S: Rotational locks along the bed rails
Feature Truxedo Sentry CT Bak Revolver X4S
Lock Type Slam Latch Rotational Lock
Material Industrial-Grade Aluminum Heavy-Duty Aluminum
Integration With Tailgate Lock Full Bed Rail Locking

Both covers offer peace of mind with their innovative locking systems. They ensure your truck bed remains a fortress for your belongings.

Access To Truck Bed

Getting to your stuff should be easy. The Truxedo Sentry CT rolls up smoothly towards the cab. It gives you full bed access without removing the cover. Secure it with straps, and you’re ready to haul large items. The Bak Revolver X4S, with its sleek design, also rolls up against the cab. It doesn’t block rear window visibility, a bonus for drivers. Here’s a quick look at their accessibility:

  • Truxedo Sentry CT: Quick roll-up, full bed access
  • Bak Revolver X4S: Easy roll-up, maintains rear view

Both covers allow you to use your truck bed to the fullest. You don’t have to choose between security and bed use. Whether it’s a weekend adventure or a job site need, these covers work well. They keep your items secure while offering the flexibility you need.

Aesthetics And Customization

When choosing between the Truxedo Sentry CT and the BAK Revolver X4S, the look and feel of your truck matter as much as security and durability. Both tonneau covers promise sleek design and the ability to make your truck stand out. Let’s explore how each model caters to your taste for aesthetics and the custom options available.

Color Options

Personalizing your truck starts with choosing the perfect color for your tonneau cover. The Truxedo Sentry CT comes in a signature black, which boasts a premium matte finish. This finish not only adds a touch of elegance but also helps in hiding scratches and dirt. The fabric is UV resistant, ensuring the color stays true even after prolonged exposure to the sun. The BAK Revolver X4S also features a beautiful matte black finish. Its heavy-duty aluminum slats, covered with a premium vinyl overlay, provide a sophisticated, flush look. For those keen on maintaining a consistent theme, both covers blend seamlessly with most factory paint jobs. Here’s a quick comparison:

  • Truxedo Sentry CT: Matte Black Finish, UV Resistant
  • BAK Revolver X4S: Matte Black Finish, Vinyl Overlay

Additional Accessories

Accessories enhance functionality and give your truck a custom feel. The Truxedo Sentry CT and BAK Revolver X4S offer various accessories to meet diverse needs. For the Sentry CT, Truxedo provides an array of add-ons:

  • Tie-Down Rings: For securing cargo
  • Storage Pockets: To keep small items organized
  • LED Lighting: For better visibility in the truck bed
On the other hand, BAK’s Revolver X4S also supports various accessories, which can include:
  • Cargo Manager: An adjustable divider that helps organize and contain items
  • BAKBox 2: A fold-away utility box that snaps onto the cover for additional storage
  • Non-Skid Bed Mats: To prevent cargo from sliding
Both covers offer room for personalization with these accessories, ensuring your truck is ready for work or adventure.

User Experience And Reviews

When choosing a truck bed cover, the Truxedo Sentry CT and Bak Revolver X4S stand out. Both offer robust protection and sleek design. But what do real users say? Their experiences shed light on the real-world performance of these covers. Reviews and feedback can guide potential buyers in making an informed decision. Let’s dive into what customers have to say about each product.

Customer Feedback – Truxedo Sentry Ct

The Truxedo Sentry CT has garnered praise for its durability and ease of use. Users appreciate the cover’s strong fabric and stylish matte finish. Here’s a summary of the key points from various customer reviews:

  • Installation: Many found the setup process straightforward, with clear instructions.
  • Material Quality: The cover’s fabric is often noted for its resilience against weather and UV rays.
  • Security: The sliding latch system provides peace of mind, as users report it effectively secures their cargo.

Below is a comparison table highlighting the Sentry CT’s features based on user feedback:

Feature User Rating
Durability 4.5/5
Style 4.7/5
Security 4.6/5
Installation 4.3/5

Customers enjoy the cover’s low-profile look and the way it enhances their truck’s appearance. They also report improved fuel efficiency due to the aerodynamic design. Some mention minor issues with water resistance, but overall, the Sentry CT earns high marks for its performance and style.

Customer Feedback – Bak Revolver X4s

On the other hand, the Bak Revolver X4S has also received favorable reviews. Users are particularly fond of its robust security features and the roll-up design. Here are some highlights from customer experiences:

  • Security: The aluminum slats under the vinyl surface provide users a sense of security for their cargo.
  • Operation: Effortless rolling up and down makes the cover convenient to use on a daily basis.
  • Installation: Most users report that they managed to install the X4S without professional help.

Customer ratings for the Bak Revolver X4S reflect its reliability:

Feature User Rating
Security 4.8/5
Convenience 4.7/5
Durability 4.6/5
Installation 4.4/5

Users note the X4S’s flush mount design gives their truck a sleek, low-profile look. They also report great satisfaction with the cover’s resistance to weather and its vinyl finish that resists scratches and marks. However, some users have mentioned the price point as a consideration but feel the investment is justified by the quality and features offered.

Truxedo Sentry Ct Vs Bak Revolver X4S: Ultimate Showdown


Price And Value For Money

When picking the right tonneau cover, two top choices often emerge: Truxedo Sentry CT and Bak Revolver X4S. Both are excellent, but a crucial factor is price and value for money. This section will dive into the costs and long-term benefits of each, helping you decide which cover offers the best bang for your buck.

Cost Comparison

Understanding the price tag is vital when choosing between Truxedo Sentry CT and Bak Revolver X4S. Let’s look at a breakdown:

  • Truxedo Sentry CT: Known for its industrial-strength fabric and stylish design, this cover starts at a premium price point.
  • Bak Revolver X4S: Boasts an aluminum construction and a sleek, low-profile look. It’s priced competitively, often similar to the Sentry CT.

The exact cost can vary based on the truck model and size. Here’s a typical comparison:

Truck Model Truxedo Sentry CT Bak Revolver X4S
Model A $899 $869
Model B $929 $899

While prices are close, the value for money depends on individual needs and preferences. Some may favor the Sentry CT’s fabric feel, while others might lean towards the Revolver X4S’s aluminum strength.

Long-term Investment

Considering how a tonneau cover holds up over time is crucial. Here’s what you need to know:

  • The Truxedo Sentry CT is renowned for its resilience against elements. It’s a choice that lasts, with a good warranty to back it up.
  • The Bak Revolver X4S also promises durability, with its robust aluminum slats. It’s designed to withstand wear and tear, just like the Sentry CT.

Both covers offer similar warranties, which is a sign of manufacturers’ confidence in their products. Here’s a quick warranty comparison:

Cover Warranty Length
Truxedo Sentry CT 3 Years
Bak Revolver X4S 5 Years

Longevity is a key factor in value for money. While both covers are built to last, the Bak Revolver X4S edges out with a longer warranty period, potentially offering more peace of mind and saving you money in the long run. Both options are solid, but the Revolver X4S may be the wiser long-term investment.

Truxedo Sentry Ct Vs Bak Revolver X4S: Ultimate Showdown


Frequently Asked Questions

What Distinguishes Truxedo Sentry Ct From Bak Revolver X4s?

The Truxedo Sentry CT offers a strong fabric exterior and an industrial-strength latch system. In contrast, the Bak Revolver X4S features an aluminum slat construction with a matte finish for durability and style. Both provide low-profile designs, but materials and aesthetics differ.

How Secure Is The Bak Revolver X4s?

The Bak Revolver X4S is highly secure, boasting patented locking side rails. This ensures the entire length of the bed is locked down when the cover is closed. Its aluminum slats also provide robust protection against theft and weather elements.

Can The Truxedo Sentry Ct Install Without Drilling?

Yes, the Truxedo Sentry CT can be installed without drilling. It utilizes a clamp-on design that attaches directly to the truck bed rails. This makes the installation process straightforward and preserves the integrity of your truck bed.

What Is The Warranty For The Bak Revolver X4s?

The Bak Revolver X4S comes with an extended 3-year warranty. This warranty covers the cover against any defects in materials and workmanship, providing peace of mind to the owner about the product’s quality and reliability.


Deciding between the TruXedo Sentry CT and the BAK Revolver X4S boils down to personal preference and specific needs. Each offers robust protection, sleek design, and user-friendly operation. Your choice will ultimately reflect your unique truck bed cover requirements. Remember, a secure and stylish truck is just a selection away.


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