Top 6 Best Battery Powered Dash Cam

You know that feeling when you narrowly avoid an accident on the road or capture something totally crazy on camera? With a high-quality dash cam, you’ll be able to relive those moments and have video evidence in case of any incidents.

The best battery powered dash cam gives you flexibility in where you mount them without having to run power cords all over your vehicle. They’re easy to set up and provide high quality footage.

If you’re searching for top-notch battery powered dash cam, then this article is for you. We’re going to share some of the best dash cams with built-in batteries. So, keep reading and pick the right one for you.

Best Battery Powered Dash Cam- Our Top Recommendation

As there are various dash camps available in the market that’s why it’s bit challenging to pick the best battery powered dash cam. But after having some researches, we made a list of it. All these dash cams can meet your needs and provide a long-time support.

RexingUSA R4-4 Channel Dash Cam

The RexingUSA R4-4 Channel Dash Cam is one of the best battery powered dash cams front and rear currently available. It features an all-around 1080p resolution with a 150-degree viewing angle in the front and rear cameras.

With built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect the R4-4 to your phone and view, save, and share recordings instantly using the Rexing Connect app. The R4-4 also has a G-sensor that automatically detects impacts and saves the recordings. It means your footage is protected even if the microSD card becomes full.

An advanced parking mode monitors your vehicle’s surroundings while parked and can record for up to 8 hours on a 128GB card. For power, the R4-4 uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides up to 8 hours of recording time per charge and recharges automatically while driving using the included car charger.

The R4-4 also comes with two adhesive mounts, a 12-foot rear camera cable, and a user manual to get you recording right out of the box. At a reasonable price, the RexingUSA R4-4 Channel Dash Cam gives you front and rear coverage, parking monitoring and long battery life.

REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear

The REDTIGER Dash Cam is an excellent choice if you’re looking for a best dash cam with built-in battery. This cam provides high-quality video recording with a 170-degree wide-angle lens that captures 4K video in the front and 2.5K video in the rear.

With a built-in battery, the REDTIGER allows continuous recording even when your vehicle is off. The cam has parking mode monitoring so it can detect impacts and automatically start recording if someone hits your vehicle in a parking lot.

The cam also has a G-sensor that detects impacts and locks important footage to prevent it from being overwritten. This dash cam is equipped with loop recording, automatically overwriting old footage with new footage so you never run out of storage space.

It also comes with a 128GB microSD card that can hold up to 16 hours of 4K video. If you need more storage, you can upgrade to a larger 256GB card. Night vision is also excellent on the REDTIGER dash cam.

Six infrared LED lights and a Sony IMX335 image sensor provide clear footage even in low light conditions. The cam’s intuitive interface makes it easy to review, download and share footage directly on the cam’s 2 inch LCD screen.

Garmin 010-02505-05 Dash Cam 67W,

The Garmin dash cam records in stunning 1440p HD video quality with an extra-wide 180-degree field of view. It allows you to capture nearly the entirety of the road ahead and even a bit of your peripheral view.

This dash cam is very intuitive to use. It has a 2-inch LCD color display screen, voice control, and simplified menu options so you can easily view, save and delete footage.

The built-in GPS automatically records your location and speed. When an incident occurs, the G-sensor automatically saves the footage to prevent it from being overwritten. You’ll have no problem capturing and saving important footage with this dash cam.

It provides high-quality recording capabilities for day and nighttime driving. It has a Sony image sensor and records in 1440p HD video for sharp footage. For night recording, it has an automatic low light mode and built-in LEDs that turn on automatically in low light conditions.

Unlike most dash cams that require a constant power source, the Garmin Dash Cam 67W has a built-in battery that can record for up to an hour without external power. This means you have backup power in case your vehicle’s power source fails or is cut off in an accident.

Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam

The Vantrue N2 Pro Uber Dual Dash Cam is the battery powered dash cam no wires for rideshare drivers. This dash cam features an internal battery that provides ~12 hours of recording time when power is cut off, ensuring your vehicle is monitored even when the ignition is off.

It records in 1080p full HD with a 170° wide angle lens on both the front and rear facing cameras. It has infrared night vision allowing it to capture footage even in low light conditions. The time lapse feature takes still shots every few seconds which is perfect for rideshare drivers to capture proof of the entire ride.

This dash cam automatically starts recording when the ignition turns on and stops when the ignition is turned off. The built-in G-sensor will lock and protect footage if an impact occurs. You’ll feel at ease knowing you have 24 hour surveillance on and in your vehicle.

The discreet design tucks neatly behind your rear view mirror for an inconspicuous setup. Installation is simple with the included adhesive mount and hardwire kit. The 2 inch LCD touchscreen allows for easy playback and footage review. You can also download footage directly to your phone via the Vantrue app.

REXING V1 4K Dash Cam

The REXING V1 4K dash cam offers high-end features like 4K video resolution, a 170° wide angle lens, Wi-Fi connectivity and GPS – all without needing to be plugged in.

It records ultra HD 4K video at 30fps, giving you incredibly clear footage of the road ahead and anything that happens. For maximum detail, 4K video is the way to go. The cam also has different resolution options like 1080p at 60fps or 720p at 120fps if you prefer a smoother frame rate over higher resolution.

With a 170° wide angle lens, the V1 gives you a broad view of the road and captures more of what’s happening around your vehicle. The wide viewing angle is especially useful for capturing crucial details in the event of an accident.

The built-in Wi-Fi allows you to connect your smartphone to the V1 dash cam and view or download videos directly. You can also use the REXING Connect app to configure settings, check the cam’s viewing angle, and ensure it’s positioned properly. The GPS receiver tracks your driving route, speed and location, and overlays this information on your videos.

For easy portability and convenience, the REXING V1 dash cam is an excellent choice. Whether commuting daily or going on a long road trip, you’ll have peace of mind knowing this high-tech dash cam can capture every moment of your drive without needing to be plugged in.

ROVE R2-4k Dash Cam

The ROVE R2-4K dash cam offers excellent video quality for a battery powered model. This dash cam can record video up to 2160p at 24fps, giving you ultra high definition 4K video. The high resolution Sony IMX335 image sensor provides stunning detail even in low light conditions.

With built-in WiFi and the ROVE app, you can view and download recordings directly to your phone. The convenient mobile app makes it easy to change settings, review past recordings, or share clips on social media. The ROVE R2-4K also has built-in GPS to track your driving route and speed.

This dash cam comes with a rechargeable battery so you can run it for short periods even when your car is off. The battery lasts around 30 minutes per charge, enough to capture any events that happen when parked. For normal driving, it will draw power from your vehicle to continuously record and recharge the battery.

For a battery powered 4K dash cam with high end features at an affordable price, the ROVE R2-4K is an excellent choice. It provides stunning video quality, useful functions and convenient mobile connectivity in a compact yet durable design.

6 Tips to Pick the Best Battery Powered Dash Cam

Dash cams have become an essential accessory for modern drivers. They provide crucial evidence in case of accidents, help prevent insurance fraud, and even capture memorable road trips.

While many dash cams are powered by a vehicle’s electrical system, battery-powered dash cams offer unique advantages, such as the ability to record even when the car is turned off.

To help you choose the best battery-powered dash cam for your needs, follow these useful tips.

Battery Life

The most critical factor to consider when choosing a battery-powered dash cam is its battery life. Dash cams come with various battery capacities, typically measured in milliampere-hours (mAh) or operating hours.

A longer battery life ensures that your camera can continue recording even when your car is parked or when the ignition is off. Look for a dash cam with at least 24 hours of standby time to cover overnight parking incidents.

Parking Mode

Parking mode is a feature that allows your dash cam to monitor your vehicle when it’s parked and the engine is off. Some dash cams automatically enter parking mode when they detect motion or a collision.

Others have a time-lapse feature to conserve battery while still capturing important moments. Ensure the dash cam you choose has a reliable parking mode feature to enhance your vehicle’s security.

Video Quality

Video quality is paramount when it comes to dash cams. Look for a camera with a high-resolution recording capability, preferably Full HD (1080p) or higher.

Quality video footage is crucial for capturing license plates and other details in the event of an incident. Additionally, consider dash cams with features like wide-angle lenses and night vision for clear recordings in various lighting conditions.

Ease of Installation

A battery-powered dash cam should be easy to install and remove from your vehicle. Look for models that come with user-friendly mounting options, such as suction cups, adhesive mounts, or magnetic mounts. A hassle-free installation process will save you time and frustration.

Memory Storage

Dash cams store video footage on microSD cards, and the size of the card you choose determines how much footage the camera can store. Ensure that the dash cam supports a memory card with sufficient capacity for your needs.

Some models also offer loop recording, which automatically overwrites older footage when the card is full, ensuring that the camera keeps recording.

Additional Features

Consider dash cams with extra features that can enhance your driving experience. These may include GPS logging to track your vehicle’s location and speed, Wi-Fi connectivity for easy file transfer, smartphone apps for remote monitoring and control, and G-sensors that detect collisions and protect critical footage from being overwritten.

Tips for Maximizing Your Dash Cam’s Battery Life

Dash cams have become an essential tool for many drivers, providing valuable evidence in case of accidents, theft, or other unexpected incidents on the road. We’re going to provide you with valuable tips to help you make the most of your dash cam’s battery life.

Choose the Right Dash Cam

Start by selecting a dash cam that suits your specific needs. If you require parking mode recording when your vehicle is parked, look for models with larger batteries or capacitors designed to support longer periods of non-driving operation. Always consult the manufacturer’s specifications to understand the expected battery life and features of the dash cam.

Regularly Charge Your Dash Cam

To keep your dash cam’s battery healthy and ready for use, make it a habit to charge it regularly. Most dash cams come with a USB cable that you can connect to your vehicle’s power outlet or a computer. Ensure the battery is fully charged before embarking on a long trip or leaving your car parked for an extended period.

Disable Unnecessary Features

Many dash cams come with a variety of features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, GPS tracking, and motion sensors. While these features can be useful, they can also drain the battery quickly. Disable any unnecessary features when not in use to conserve battery power. For instance, turn off Wi-Fi when you’re not actively downloading footage or accessing the dash cam’s settings.

Adjust the Recording Settings

Most dash cams allow you to adjust recording settings, including resolution and frame rate. Higher-quality settings can consume more battery power. Consider reducing the resolution or frame rate if you want to extend your dash cam’s battery life, especially if you don’t need high-definition footage for every situation.

Use a Dedicated Parking Mode

Some dash cams have a dedicated parking mode that is optimized for surveillance when your vehicle is parked. Instead of relying on the standard recording mode, switch to parking mode when you’re not driving. This mode typically uses less power while still capturing critical events like impacts or motion near your vehicle.

Invest in a Dash Cam Battery Pack

For those who rely on parking mode extensively, consider investing in a dash cam battery pack or an external power source. These devices can provide additional power to your dash cam, ensuring it continues to record while your car is parked without draining your vehicle’s battery.

Keep Your Dash Cam Cool

Excessive heat can negatively impact your dash cam’s battery life. Park your car in the shade whenever possible, use sunshades, or crack your windows slightly to help reduce the interior temperature. Extreme cold can also affect battery performance, so avoid exposing your dash cam to extremely low temperatures for extended periods.

Final Thought

Any of these options would be a great choice to give you peace of mind while driving and capture crucial footage in the event of an accident. Dash cams are one of the best investments you can make for your vehicle, so choose a high-quality model that fits your needs and budget.

With advanced features like night vision, built-in GPS, and 4K video, you really can’t go wrong. Stay safe out on the roads. Thank you all for reading this article.


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