Kenworth Dash Warning Lights Meaning! for safe, efficient driving!

Kenworth Trucks are very popular across North America. The Kenworth Truck Company is a century old (founded in 1923, formerly known as Gersix) American truck manufacturer. Headquartered in Kirkland, Washington, Kenworth is well-known for manufacturing heavy-duty and medium-duty commercial vehicles.

The Kenworth Trucks are equipped with a very interactive dashboard which helps the drivers a lot. The Kenworth Dash provides meaningful warning lights which are actually indicators of different states of the vehicle. But, what is the Kenworth Dash Warning Lights meaning?

As a truck driver, it’s essential to be familiar with the various dashboard lights on your Kenworth truck. Because, these lights are designed to alert you on potential issues or malfunctions, allowing you to take prompt action to resolve them. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the most common Kenworth dash lights and their meanings.

Kenworth Dash Warning Light Colors and Meanings

RedSerious IssueImmediate
AmberLess Serious IssueImmediate
YellowLess Serious IssuePrompt
GreenNo Major IssueNormally Not Required
BlueInformational MessageNormal Task

Kenworth dash warning lights can of different colors. And, each color has its own meaning associated. We will know these meanings right now.


As it should imply, the Red light indicates a serious issue like an engine problem or a brake issue which can be dangerous for driving. So, if you see red lights, you have to act promptly to address the issue.


The amber light indicates that though the issue is less serious, still it should be addressed and corrected as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will create a serious issue. It may be lit up when the transmission system is overheating. It happens when there is low engine oil pressure or when the charging system isn’t functioning properly.


When there is a yellow light in the Kenworth dash, it means there is a less serious issue. You should still address the issue. However, if the yellow light comes with the red light, then the problem is serious and you have to act fast to fix it.


The green light usually indicates everything is fine. Still, in some cases, it also indicates that you have to check the respective thing. For, tire pressure, if the green light lit up, you have to check it.


The Blue light comes up when there is any informational message is shown. In these cases, issues are as minor as the headlight being turned on.

Final Words

So, if you drive a Kenworth Truck or other trucks, you should know the meaning of dash lights. In this article, we’ve got a clear idea about Kenworth dash lights’ meaning. Now it’s our turn to keep these in mind and act as per the dash light indication. And, this is required for safe and efficient driving.


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