Who makes harvest king oil? Is harvest king oil good?

Although harvest king oil has been around for a few decades, it is somewhat unknown among most car users. 

Though it’s unknown, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not good. So, as there are so many motor oil brands, what makes harvest king oil different from those motor oil? 

Most importantly, who makes harvest king oil? If you too have been curious to know all these details about harvest king oil and whether you are using this motor oil, this guide will help you learn about harvest king oil manufacturers, brand history, and a bit about their oils. 

Who Makes Harvest King Oil?

Harvest king oil has been on the market since 1951, according to their website

But does it manufacture the oil itself?

Like Kirkland motor oil, harvest king oil too outsources its oil to a private label manufacturer. 

Harvest king oil is made by Warren oil company, a sister concern of warrant distribution. 

Although there is very little information available in this regard as brands like Harvest King won’t disclose this type of information. 

But it won’t be too difficult to conclude who manufacturers make harvest king oil.

There are two private label manufacturers to which most brands will entrust this responsibility: Warren distribution and Citgo.
There is no official information available, but from discussions in forums and their packaging of various harvest king oil, I have found out that Warren oil company, a part of Warren Distribution, is the sole manufacturer for the harvest king oil.

Does Warren Distribution Make Harvest King Oil?

Warren oil company is part of warren distribution, the largest private label oil manufacturer in the USA and North America. 

So, where do they manufacture the oil for harvest king oil?

Although there are quite a few plants of Warren distribution across the country, six plants to be exact. The plants where harvest king oils are manufactured are given below:

  1. Houston, Texas
  2. Shadyside, Ohio
  3. Glen Dale, West Virginia
  4. Albertville, Alabama
  5. Lake Guntersville, Alabama
  6. Council Bluffs, Iowa

They have a capacity of manufacturing an astonishing 140 million gallons each year and storing 21,000,000 gallons of oil in these six plants combined. 

Warren distribution and their sister concerns like Warren oil constitute the largest share of all the oil manufactured by private label manufacturers both within the USA and outside the USA. 

Reference: https://warrendistribution.com/locations/

Who Owns Harvest King Oil?

Harvest king oil is a brand owned by Rural King Supply, an Illinois-based store specializing in farm supplies which later branched out to 125 locations in the USA. 

The Rural King started as a tiny enterprise with just two employees and its owners, Kermit Speer and Keith Beaird.

They started with a small shop of 7,200 square feet, and now they have a corporate office that is 210,000 square feet!  

Despite humble origins, the Rural king has established itself as a leading farm supply store with an online presence.  

They also sell many products, from tractors to clothing apparel to motor oil. So much so that their total sales have been declared to be over a billion in 2015.  

If you want to know the complete list of products they sell, you can visit their official website to get an idea.




Does Rural King Manufacture Harvest King Oil?

As harvest king oil is a part of the Rural King family, does it manufacture the oil itself?

Well, despite there being so many oil and oil filter brands, in reality, they don’t manufacture it themself. Like the Kirkland motor oil by Costco, rural kings outsource their harvest king oil by a private label manufacturer.  

Why Should You Pick Harvest King Oil Over Others?

If you are looking to save a few bucks on your motor oil but don’t want to compromise on the quality of it, then harvest king oil can be pretty ideal for you. Coming from the same private label manufacturer as Kirkland motor oil, harvest king oil is way cheaper than other motor oil charges.

For example, taking the Valvoline Advanced Full Synthetic SAE 5W-30 Motor Oil and the Harvest King Full Synthetic Sae 5w-30 Motor Oil will save around $10 per 5-quart pack. This might not seem a lot, but in the long run, this will greatly reduce your cost.

How Many Types Of Harvest King Oil Are There?

There are quite a few harvest king oils that can be found out there. Here is a list of harvest king oil for different grades and purpose 

  • Harvest king SAE 5W -20 Oil
  • Harvest king 5W-30 Oil 
  • Harvest king 10W-30 Oil
  • Harvest King Sae 15w40l Oil

These harvest king oils can be purchased online and have excellent reviews. They are treated with the same additive formulas as most of the big names of motor oil brands such as Kirkland Motor Oil, Mobil 1 oil, or Valvoline.

Final Words

So, who makes harvest king oil? It’s safe to say that either Warren distribution or Citgo makes the harvest king oil. Many people will claim that they know for sure. But there is no way to confirm that as each year, contracts are changed if the private label manufacturers don’t meet the requirement. 


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