Who makes Bosch car batteries?

The other day I was looking for a new AGM battery for my Porsche. The original battery my Porsche came with lasted a few years without any hiccups, but recently it started taking quite longer than usual to start my vehicle. So after reading several reviews online, I have decided to get a Bosch battery. But when the battery arrived, it had a box with an “Exide” label. 

Although the battery performance was per expectations, that got me curious, and I tried to find out who makes the Bosch car batteries. It turns out Bosch did go into signing an agreement with Exide technologies, which would supply the Bosch batteries in the United States and Puerto Rico in 2008, which is still in effect today. 

But does that mean Exide manufactures Bosch batteries? Let’s find out. 

Does Exide Make Bosch Batteries?

If you are wondering whether Exide makes Bosch Batteries or not, the answer is Yes and No!

Big brands like Bosch or Exide tend to work in a much more complicated way, and they have many behind-the-doors deals with each other, which we common people will never likely find out. So if your Bosch battery has an Exide sticker on them like the one I got, it probably means they are manufactured in the same plants. But not all Bosch batteries are not made by Exide either.

Who makes Bosch car batteries?

Bosch batteries are also known to be often manufactured by Johnson control, which is the world’s no one battery manufacturer, and there are Bosch’s battery manufacturing plants.

Is Bosch A Good Car Battery?

As they are known for excellent service and outstanding lifespan, Bosch car batteries are often picked by consumers over other car batteries. Here are some of the advantages of Bosch car batteries:

Maintenance Free

Bosch car batteries are maintenance-free, which means you don’t have to do anything to keep them in working shape. With a Bosch battery, you don’t have to worry about checking the fluid levels or adding water. The only thing you need to do is keep an eye on the battery’s voltage. If it starts to drop, then it’s time to replace the battery.

Bosch car batteries are built to last. 

Bosch car batteries are designed and constructed to withstand the rigors of daily driving. They’re built tough to handle the vibration and jostling that comes with life on the road.

Strong cranking power. 

When starting your engine in cold weather, you need a battery to give you the power you need to get going. Bosch car batteries have a strong cranking power that will get your engine going, even in the coldest weather.

Longer service life. 

Bosch car batteries are designed for a longer service life than most, meaning you won’t have to replace them as often. This can save you money in the long run, as well as the hassle of having to replace your battery constantly.


Bosch car batteries are affordable despite the quality they provide, making them a great option for budget-minded shoppers.

Easy to find

Most major auto parts stores carry Bosch car batteries, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one when you need it.

How long does a bosch car battery last?

Bosch batteries are known for their long life, so you can expect many years of use from one battery. 

The average lifespan of a Bosch car battery is about four to five years. 

There are a few things that can impact your car battery’s longevity, such as extreme temperatures, excessive vibration, and your driving patterns. 

If you live in an area with extreme temperatures, it’s important to protect your battery, such as storing it in a garage or using special hold-down hardware. While four to five years is the average lifespan of a Bosch car battery, if you take care of it and don’t subject it to extreme temperatures or vibrations, it could last even longer.

How long does Bosch Car Battery Warranty cover?

Most Bosch car batteries come with a warranty covering four to 5 years from the date of purchase. If your battery fails during that time, Bosch will replace it free of charge.

What is covered?

Bosch’s replacement warranty covers manufacturing defects. So, for example, if your Bosch car battery dies prematurely, you can get a free replacement.

What is not covered?

Bosch’s warranty does not cover damage caused by a discharged battery or improper installation. So, if you accidentally damage your battery while installing it, you’ll have to pay for a replacement.

How do I get a replacement?

If you need a replacement battery under Bosch’s warranty, take your old battery to any participating Bosch retailer, and they’ll give you a new one for free.

Ensure you keep your receipt and warranty information safe, as you’ll need to present both to get a free replacement.

What if I no longer have my receipt or warranty information?

If you don’t have your original receipt or warranty information, Bosch may still be able to help you. Call their customer service number, and they’ll be able to look up your purchase information.

Who Sells Bosch Car Battery?

You can purchase a Bosch car battery on Amazon or Walmart with ease. In Walmart, You can either order and pick it up in-store or find the battery you need in the store itself.

Bosch batteries are also available to Sears and Advance Auto Parts. You can order and pick it up in-store or have the battery shipped to your home.

You can also purchase Bosch batteries If you have AutoZone or Pep boys near you, as they are trusted retailers of it. 

Final Words

Very few car battery companies have as much industrial history and heritage under their belt as the bosch. This century-old German industrial giant has a range of products for its consumers, from consumer goods such as refrigerators and ovens to producing various industrial solutions for surveillance, intrusion and fire detection, and so forth. So if you’ve been a little suspicious about who makes Bosch car batteries, you don’t need to be. The maintenance-free build and the warranty coverage make it worth every penny.  


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