Kohler 7000 vs Kawasaki FR

When it comes to lawn mower engines,  both Kohler 7000 and Kawasaki FR models are often the most discussed names among the lawn owners. This is because Kohler 7000 and Kawasaki FR seem to have curved up the biggest market share for themself regarding lawn mower engines.

But how do these two models compare, and which one has the edge? This is what this guide on Kohler 7000 Vs Kawasaki FR will uncover. So if you’ve been looking for an in-depth comparison between these two, here we will compare between Kohler 7000 series KT740 and Kawasaki FR730 engines for lawn mowers.

Why compare the Kohler KT740 and Kawasaki FR730?

We could have discussed what these two different engine series offer from an overall brand perspective. But, instead, we decided to compare two specific models from Kohler 7000 Vs Kawasaki FR.

You may ask why? Kohler KT740 vs Kawasaki FR730 is the most powerful engine model from the Kohler 7000 and Kawasaki FR series.

Also, both are four-stroke engines with a horsepower of 25 HP. That makes it ideal for comparison as you will get a detailed overview of what these two excellent engine models from Kohler 7000 and Kawasaki FR offer and how they compare against each other.

We will cover every parameter they can be compared to, so you get an extensive idea about which one you should put your money on. So here are the features we will be weighing these two beasts.

  • Engine CC and horsepower
  • V-valve
  • Lubrication System
  • Noise level
  • Fuel Capacity
  • Maintenance
  • warranty
  • Price

Kohler KT740 vs Kawasaki FR730V


FeaturesKohler KT740Kawasaki FR730V
Engine Type4-cycle4-Cycle
Engine Discharge747 cc726
Engine linerscast-iron linerscast-iron liners
Air Filter TypePaperFoam
Overhead Valve TypeV-twinV-twin
Lubrication SystemPressurized LubricationPressurized Lubrication
Oil capacity(Liter)1.902
Weight88.2 lbs (40.0 kg)85 Lb (38.6 kg )
Warranty2 years3 years
Table: Kohler KT740 vs Kawasaki FR730V


Horsepower and CC

Kohler KT740  and Kawasaki FR730V come with a four stroke engine and a standard horsepower of 25 Hp. So while they are almost identical in this aspect, the biggest difference between these two lies in their engine’s cubic capacity or CC.

Kohler KT740 boasts a  higher engine cubic capacity than the Kawasaki FR730V. The Kawasaki FR730V engine is only 726 CC, while the Kohler KT740 is 747 cc.

This results in more power and torque for the Kohler KT740, which is important for mowing with better acceleration and passing power.

Engine liners

An engine liner is a thin layer of material designed to protect an engine’s cylinder walls. The engine liner also helps to improve the efficiency of the engine by reducing the amount of friction between the cylinder walls and the piston.

Kohler KT740  and Kawasaki FR730V feature cast iron engine liners, which is great because cast iron is extremely strong and durable as it can withstand high temperatures and pressures without breaking down. Also, cast iron engine liners provide superior heat transfer properties. It means that they can help keep your engine cooler.

So, Kohler KT740  and Kawasaki FR730V are equal in this aspect as both feature the same engine liners.

Overhead valve type

Kohler KT740  and Kawasaki FR730V feature a V-twin Overhead valve type for increased power and torque. These V-twin OHV are excellent features in a lawn mower engine as they ensure lower maintenance costs. Kohler 7000 and Kawasaki FR included this in their engine design, so you don’t need frequent servicing.

Air filter

Kohler KT740 uses a pleated paper filter designed to capture small particles and debris. Kawasaki FR730V uses a foam filter designed to capture larger particles and debris. Both air filters are effective at trapping dirt and dust, but the Kawasaki FR may be better suited for larger debris.

Lubrication System

Kohler KT740 has a full-pressure lubrication system. In a full-pressure lubrication system, the oil is constantly circulated throughout the engine, keeping all the moving parts well-lubricated. This system is known for being very reliable and low-maintenance.

Kawasaki FR730V has a splash lubrication system. It means that oil is only circulated when the engine is running. Unfortunately, this can lead to some parts of the engine not being properly lubricated, which can cause premature wear.

So, which type of lubrication system is better? It depends on your needs and preferences. If you want a low-maintenance and highly reliable mower, then the Kohler 7000 series is a great option. On the other hand, the Kawasaki FR series may be a better choice if you don’t mind doing a bit more maintenance.

Noise level

Although it will depend on which lawn mower these engines are on, Kawasaki has the edge when it comes to the noise level. Kawasaki is among the quietest on the market, while Kohler’s engines are significantly louder. So if you’re looking for a quiet mower, Kawasaki FR730V is the way to go.

Fuel capacity

If we consider Fuel capacity and efficiency, Kawasaki FR730V has the edge, although at the slightest margin. Kawasaki FR730V can load up to 2 litres of fuel, while Kohler KT740 can load up to 1.9 litres. So they are quite close regarding fuel capacity; they are almost similar, although Kawasaki is just slightly ahead.

Engine Life

There is no definitive answer regarding whether the Kohler KT740  or Kawasaki FR730V will last longer. However, there are a few things that you can keep in mind that may help you make a decision.

The first thing to consider is the intended use of the engine. If you plan on using the engine for commercial use, then the Kawasaki FR730V may be a better option. This is because the Kawasaki FR is built for heavy-duty use and can handle extended use better than the Kohler KT740.


As we are talking about engine life, maintenance schedules for each engine should also be discussed. For example, the Kawasaki FR730V requires more frequent maintenance than the Kohler  KT740, so if you are unwilling to keep up with a regular maintenance schedule, the Kohler engine may be a better choice.

Also, Kawasaki engines are relatively costly to do maintenance and servicing compared to  Kohler. Kohler parts are easier to replace as they use a universal camshaft, so you don’t need to match the exact model or a specific component.


You should also consider the warranty for each engine. For example, the Kawasaki FR730V has a longer warranty than the Kohler KT 740, so if you want extra peace of mind, the Kawasaki engine may be the better option.


Price is always a consideration when purchasing any product, but it is especially important when choosing a lawnmower engine. The Kawasaki FR730V  costs more than the Kawasaki FR730V, but it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. It is a more reliable lawn mower engine than the Kohler KT 740 and is worth the extra cost.

Final verdict

As we have compared all the major features of Kawasaki FR730V vs Kohler KT 740, it is quite evident that FR730V is a better choice than Kohler KT 740. Kawasaki FR730V is quite costly compared to Kohler KT 740, despite having a higher price tag and costlier maintenance. Kawasaki FR730V is built for more heavy-duty landscaping jobs, while Kohler is KT 740, just a cheaper alternative to it. Kohler has been trying for quite a long to be an alternative to the Kawasaki FR, and this Kohler 7000 is close to what they can get. So if you want something as powerful as Kawasaki FR engines yet less costly and requires much less maintenance, Kohler 7000 is for you.


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