How to remove old Michelin wiper blades easily?

Michelin wiper blades are one of the most loved and high-quality wiper blades. Besides, if it’s top functionality, these wiper blades are quite easy to install. At the same time, when required these wiper blades are easy to remove. Still, there are many people who are shacky to this type of mechanical chores. Therefore, many readers ask us – how to remove Michelin wiper blades? This article is our answer to the question.

How to remove Michelin wiper blades?

1. Removing the J-hook wiper blades

J-hook wiper Michelin blades are easy to remove. The process is quite simple.

  1. At first, you check the wiper blade joints, especially the safety mechanism in the center of the wiper blades.
  2. Then, keep the wiper blade of the driver’s side in the vertical position by lifting it up.
  3. Then, disconnect the safety mechanism.
  4. Firmly hold the wiper arm in one hand, and pull it out of the hook with the other hand.
  5. Now, your wiper blades are in your hand. Keep it in a safe place.

1. Removing the stuck windshield wiper blades

You have to be careful about removing stuck wiper blades. The process isn’t much complex.

  1. Again, you have to check the joints carefully before you remove the blades from the car.
  2. Disconnect the wiper blades from the wiper arms.
  3. Push or lift the J-shaped hook-slot connectors to release the blade.
  4. After releasing the blades, keep pushing or pulling down the base downward.
  5. Soon, the blades will be removed. Keep it in a safe place.

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Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Where are Michelin wipers made?

Pylon is the manufacturer and marketer of the MICHELIN® brand wiper blades and automotive products. The US company Pylon is located in Deerfield Beach, Florida, and renowned automotive company. This ISO 9001-certified company boasts of many automotive innovations for car exterior and interior products.

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