Bosch Icon vs Envision – Which Wiper blades are better?

If you are a car owner, you must take care of it as well as look after its safety.

When it comes to car safety, the first thing that catches our eye is the windshield wipers. Surprisingly, the truth is that almost everyone is indifferent to this part of the car, which should not be.

Windshield wipers allow rain and snow visibility and keep your windshield clean on the go. “Bosch” is one of the brand wiper blades available in the market which has been providing good quality car products for almost many years.

Icon and Envision are two great wipers of this brand. So normally, it is a challenging task to choose the best one between Bosch icon vs envision.

However, in order to make the matter easier, we will review the Bosch envision vs icon in this article as well as try to compare them so that you get an idea of ​​which one you should choose. So let’s get started.

FeaturesBosch Icon Wiper BladeBosch Envision Wiper Blade
Weather CompatibilityGreat all-weather performance
SilenceSilent operationQuite silent
InstallationVery easy to installVery easy to install
Best suit forFord Edge, Escape, Focus, Transit Connect, and moreFord Edge, Escape, Focus, Transit Connect, and more
BOSCH Focus vs BOSCH Icon

What are the Types of Wiper Blades

There are different types of wiper blades and each type has its own characteristics. Let us know about the types of wiper blades.

Conventional Windscreen Wipers

Conventional windscreen wipers are a very old type of wipers, but in the past, these wipers were used more in most cars.

It consists of a metal or metallic plastic composite structure with a central bridge and articulated links that provide 4 to 8 pressure points depending on the length of the blade.

Spring flexors distribute the energy generated by the wiper arm spring through the wiper bridge and attach the links and flexors to the rubber material for uniform pressure on the glass.

Hybrid Windscreen Wipers

These wipers are quite common and are made with a combination of flat windscreen wipers. These enjoy both the aerial properties and appearance of flat windscreen wipers, along with the functionality of conventional windscreen wipers.

The integrated spoiler operates along the entire length of the blade, reducing the airlift to maintain a constant downward force. This keeps the rubber blades in the windscreen, especially for smooth and quiet movement at high speeds.

Flat Windscreen Wipers

The type of wipers that are seen in cars nowadays are mainly equipped with flat windscreen wipers. They feature a stretched metal flexor that supports the rubber component with a full-length integrated spoiler to use the pressure generated by the airflow.

This allows for a flattering aerodynamic shape that reduces wind noise. Flexors create blade profiles that match the windscreen, guaranteeing uniform pressure along the edges of the contacts. It’s more discreet than a conventional windscreen wiper, so it blocks less of the driver’s field of vision.

Bosch Icon Wiper Blades

The Bosch Icon is a type of beam-type wiper that easily fits snugly into a wiper blade. If you want to use it with older hook-type wipers, you need to buy an additional adapter that is featured on most vehicles on the road.

Its best feature is that it distributes weight evenly over windows. This will help you get more visibility even in adverse weather. These wiper blades are not affected by snow or ice as other wiper blades can.

How long do Bosch Icon Wiper Blades Last?

Bosch Icon wiper blades are up to 40% more durable than other high-end wiper blades. Although other premium wiper brands may start to show cracks in less than 50 hours of use.

However, these wipers can last for more than 150 hours without any visible signs of cracking.

What We Like

  • High quality
  • Long lasting
  • Simple packaging
  • Easy installation
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Excellent performance
  • Quiet and effective
  • No pinching or gaps

What We Dislike

  • Not compatible to every vehicles
  • High priced
  • Makes noise

Bosch ICON Wiper Blades 26A17A

Bosch ICON makes windshield wiper replacement easy with 2-pack bundles that include popular driver and passenger side blade length combinations

Exclusive fx dual rubber resists heat and ozone deterioration and has proven to last up to 40% longer than other premium wiper blades

Easy installation with original equipment-quality hook adapter (Hook arm 9 × 3 & 9 × 4)

Patented beam design with shielded connector optimizes visibility even under extreme weather conditions

Exclusive tension spring arcing technology creates a fit that’s custom-contoured to the curvature of each side of the windshield

Technical Specifications

  • Brand- Bosch Automotive
  • Material- Natural Rubber
  • Position- Front
  • Fit Type- Vehicle Specific Fit
  • Item Dimensions – 31.26 x 1.46 x 6.1 inches
  • Color- ICON

Bosch Envision Wiper Blades

The most notable feature of the Bosch Envision wiper blade is its NightFocus technology. This technology helps in night visibility during rain or snow.

The blades have been heavily incorporated into their construction, which has the ability to remove water droplets as well as snow.

All of this allows for optimal performance in rainy, snowy, and frosty conditions.

How long do Bosch Envision Wiper Blades Last?

These blades are capable of lasting 50 hours or more. Bosch guarantees that its wiper line will outperform other options by more than 40%.

The quality is so good that they are the default OEM wiper 8 for German brands As we all know, German car manufacturers take pride in offering superior products when they are on the market.

What We Like

  • Quiet wiper blade
  • Streak-free option
  • High-quality construction
  • Excellent performance
  • Easy to install
  • Fits perfectly
  • Effective in operation
  • Durable
  • Works great in winter

What We Dislike

  • Too wide on the mounter side
  • Not much compatible

Top Selling Bosch Icon Wiper Blades – Bosch Evolution 4842 Wiper Blade – 24 “

  • Asymmetrical wind spoiler uses air flow to increase blade-to-windshield contact and shields tension springs from all-weather elements for exceptional performance in even the worst weather.
  • Patented bracket-less design better resists ice and snow build-up for better performance and visibility in all weather
  • Precision-tensioned dual steel springs create tension memory, applying uniform pressure along the entire blade length for crystal-clear visibility
  • Precision-cut, specially blended natural rubber wiping edge removes even the smallest droplets for clear visibility and safer driving
  • A double locking connector offers quick

Technical Specifications

  • Brand- Bosch Automotive
  • Material- Natural Rubber
  • Position- Bottom
  • Fit Type- Vehicle Specific Fit
  • Item Dimensions – 2.8 x 0.9 x 25.2 inches

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Bosch Icon VS Envision – Which is Better Wiper Blade?

You already have ideas about Bosch Envision and Bosch Icon. Now is the time to find out which is the best one between Bosch envision vs icons.

First of all, these are two great options that will provide great results for your vehicle. However, these will not work as well in some car brands so you have to do your homework first before deciding on anyone.

Which one you choose will depend on what you want to get out of it. If your purpose is specs and technology, then Envision from Icon may be the right choice for you.

Final Thought

Both the Bosch Envision and the Bosch Icon are great wiper blades with great service to vehicles. For this, it is a bit difficult task to choose which is perfect between the Bosch icon vs envision.

To make this task easier, we have discussed these two wiper blades in detail in this article as well as tried to compare them so that you can understand which one would be useful to choose.

We hope this small effort will help you a lot. If you want to know anything related to the Bosch icon vs envision, you can comment to us. We will definitely try to answer. Thank you all.


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