Bubba Rope VS Factor 55 Kinetic Recovery Rope- Which is better?

Although the ropes and recovery straps market is flooded with competitors, only a few firms provide genuine quality, premium recovery ropes. Among them, bubba rope and factor 55 are stand top of that product chain. 

So naturally, if you’re planning to purchase one of these ropes, you must first decide upon Bubba Rope VS Factor 55 – Which one is a better kinetic recovery rope?

Both Bubba Rope and Factor 55 are high-quality ropes; you just need to choose which features matter most to you. For example, factor 55 has a larger diameter, comes cheaper, and uses more vital tensile wires. On the other hand, the Bubba Rope Kinetic Recovery Rope is slightly lighter and has 30% more stretch than the Factor 55.  

And in this article, we will find out which recovery rope is ideal for you depending on price, durability, quality control, and so on. Then let us begin.

What is Bubba Rope?

Bubba Rope is based out of Florida and is an excellent product for anyone who wants to buy a rope for recovery. Our military contracts created the rope; it is designed to pull vehicles out of sand, mud, or snow. This sole snatching rope comes with an armored vinyl coating and Gatorize eyes, making it more durable than the kinetic energy ropes or recovery straps.

The usage of bubba rope can be found in the families who are looking to be prepared to take their kids overland and the hardcore offroaders who require the equipment to recover on a regular basis.

What is Factor 55?

The utilization of Kinetic Energy gathered in the rope as it expands improves the strength of the pull and decreases the impact forces caused by traditional tow straps. 

This Kinetic Recovery Rope from Factor offers the user the most efficient overall performance regarding energy directed to the vehicle or object you are pulling away, allowing for a smooth, safe, and secure extraction. 

The Factor 55 kinetic rope stores 30 percent of the energy stored in the kinetic length of the rope. The rope is outfitted with a polymer coating to provide UV light protection and abrasion and moisture absorption protection. 

The minimum breaking strength is 28,300 pounds which allows you to tackle heavy loads and dangerous obstacles.

Bubba Rope VS Factor 55 Kinetic Recovery Rope 

Bubba Rope and Factor 55 are almost uncanny ropes to the same market, but they have some key differences. Here they are:


Factor 55 recovery rope is more than 2x times heavier than boba rope.

Because factor 55 recovery rope weights around  10 lbs, whereas boba rope is 7.9 lbs. 


Price-wise, bubba rope is sightly expensive than factor 55 recovery rope as factor 55 recovery rope costs $194.74, and bubba rope comes close to $225.0. 


Factor 55 uses a Nylon/Polyester hybrid rope called ProLink XTV. Bubba Rope uses a nylon rope called Gatorized. 

Both ropes are durable and reliable, but Gatorized is stronger than ProLink XTV.


Factor 55 offers only a 1-year warranty, whereas Bubba Rope provides a 5-year warranty on its recovery ropes. 

However, both companies offer a complete replacement in the case of any manufacturing defects or breakage under normal usage conditions.

Customer Service and Return Policy

One of the most noteworthy differences between these two brands is that Bubba Rope sells exclusively through Amazon. At the same time, Factor 55 mainly has an online store where it sells directly to customers. 

However, factor 55 rope can be found on eBay. 


What is Kinetic Recovery Rope?

Kinetic Recovery Ropes are the best recovery tool you can employ in pulling a vehicle free of deep sand, mud, snow, or silt. The rope can stretch under pressure by 30 percent as much as rubber bands, which lets them use their proper kinetic energy to remove the stuck vehicle.

How do I choose a kinetic recovery rope?

The length of the rope estimates the stability and durability of the kinetic ropes. There are a variety of diameters you can choose from 0.5 inches up to 2 inches. 

While selecting the diameter you like to use for your Kinetic Recovery Rope, the infringement strength should be 3x more than the amount of weight you are hauling.

Are kinetic ropes worth it?

In brief, Yes, kinetic ropes are definitely worth your money. 

Kinetic Recovery Ropes are more sturdy than the snatch straps. As a result, they are less susceptible to failure and offer a more comfortable recovery. The ropes will also provide more stretch (about 30 percent), making getting back an unattended vehicle. 

The snatch strap can provide around 20 percent stretch.

Is a Bubba Rope worth it?

Yes, Bubba Rope is worth the price. Its commercial-grade construction outperforms all other rope products. It has the highest quality nylon and the strongest knots and is built to last multiple seasons of heavy use. As if those reasons aren’t convincing enough, take a look at the features.

What is Bubba rope made of?

Bubba Rope is made from double-braided nylon and Gatorize vinyl polymer coating. It is one of the toughest breaking strengths available and is UV, water, and abrasive-resistant. 

Furthermore, Bubba Rope is the only rope that is made to exactly United States Military specs for splicing and coating.

How many times can a kinetic rope be used?

Some say you should only use recover ropes averaging around 10 times. 

However, many skilled off-road recovery experts use recovery ropes well over 300 times.

Final Verdict 

To sum up, when choosing between these two dynamic recovery ropes, we think you should probably go with the one that will meet your desired requirements based on their usability, price, and construction. 

For example, If budget is your primary concern, choose the Factor 55 as it costs $30 less than Bubba rope. But, on the other hand, go for the Bubba rope if you’re looking for more strength, durability, stretch, and ease of use. 

So check out both of these recovery ropes features, and find out Bubba Rope VS Factor 55 – Which one is the better kinetic recovery rope? Bearing your necessities in mind and purchase the rope. 


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