Who makes Mopar oil filters?

When it comes to the best oil filters for heavy-duty pickups like Dodge Ram out there, Mopar Oil Filter’s name will certainly be there.  In fact, if you own a Dodge ram, it’s actually recommended to use a Mopar filter. So what is so special about Mopar filters for diesel pickup and who makes Mopar oil filters?

Well, it’s safe to say that most of their oil filters are made by either Purolater or the Champions Lab. WIX also manufactures Mopar oil filters, but not as much as the previous two. 

So, make sure to read the whole guide to find out why Mopar oil Filters are made by companies like Purolater , Champions Lab, or WIX. 

Brand History Of Mopar

Who Is Mopar Owned by? Well, it turns out that Mopar is owned by the former Chrysler Corporation, one of the biggest car manufacturers in the USA. Mopar Originated from the word “Motor Parts” as an abbreviation for the motor parts division of Chrysler.  

Mopar as a brand is quite old as it first appeared in late 1930 as MoPar antifreeze, a product made by Chrysler for their Motor Parts. Mopar has become the denominated name for the parts division of Chrysler Corporation.

Why is Mopar Oil Filter Recommended for  Dodge Ram? 

If you own a Dodge Ram, you know that it’s a powerful truck that can handle just about anything you throw at it. But even the toughest trucks need to have a good quality oil filter, and that’s where the Mopar oil filter comes in.

Mopar oil filters are specifically designed for use with Dodge Ram trucks because the Dodge Ram is owned by Chrysler, the mother corporation of the Mopar.  

As they’re specifically designed for use with Dodge Ram trucks, you can be sure that they’ll fit perfectly and won’t cause any problems. So if you want the best possible protection for your Dodge Ram, it’s better to use a Mopar oil filter.

Who Makes Mopar Oil Filters?

Mopar Oil filters and all the other Mopar products are part of the Chrysler Corporation, which the now owned by Stellantis. Stellantis is a Europe-based automobile company that acquired Chrysler when the economic crash of 2008–2010 nearly bankrupted it.

However, like any big corporation, neither Chrysler nor Stellantis doesn’t make their oil filter. Instead, they typically outsource this task through a private label manufacturer.

Which  Private Label Manufacturer Makes Mopar Oil Filters?

When manufacturing the Mopar oil filters, we found that not one private label manufacturer makes them. Instead, they are made by 3 to 4 different private label manufacturers.

See, although there are plenty of oil filter brands in the USA, all of them are made by 3 to 4 manufacturers. They are Purolator, Wix, and Champions lab. Mopar filters were also used to be made by FRAM as well. But for some reason, Mopar didn’t continue their contact with FRAM.  

Purolator is known to manufacture the bulk of the Mopar oil filters among those three manufacturers. The rest is done by mostly Champions lab. 

Does WIX Make Mopar Filters? They do, but only a tiny percentage of the Mopar is known to be manufactured by the WIX. Most of the oil filters are made either by Purolator or Champions lab.

Where Are Mopar Oil Filters Made?


Purolator has facilities built in Fayetteville, North Carolina, where they manufacture oil filters for Mopar and other brands.

Champions lab

Champions lab currently has two factories in the USA, known to be in Illinois and South Carolina.


WIX has two oil filter plants in the USA right now. One is in North Carolina, and the other is in South Carolina.

Are Mopar Filters Made In China?

It is possible that some parts of the Mopar Filter are Made In China. Because both Champions Lab and WIX are known to have plants set up one China. Although they may not make 100% of the oil filters in their Chinese plants, it’s quite likely some parts of their oil filters are made in China to reduce cost. 

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What are the Best Mopar Oil Filters?

Here is a list of the best Mopar oil filters according to the experts’ opinions and also their Amazon reviews as well. 

  1. Mopar 5083285AA Oil Filter 
  2. Mopar 5038041AA Oil Filter
  3. Mopar 5013470AC Oil Filter 
  4. Mopar 68229402AA Oil Filter
  5. Mopar 4726067AA Oil Filter

What Are The Advantages Of Using Mopar Oil Filter?

Cost friendly:

Mopar oil filters are designed to work with a variety of engines including The Dodge Ram, Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep. So that makes Mopar oil filters a versatile and convenient option for many drivers. They’re relatively affordable, which makes them a great choice for budget-minded shoppers.

High-quality construction.

Mopar oil filters are made from the highest-quality materials, so you can be sure they’ll stand up to the rigors of use. Here is how to know whether you have a good quality oil filter: 

Press the sidewalls of your oil filter and see whether it bends inwards. In cases of cheaper oil filters, it will certainly bend or flex. But the durable construction of the Mopar oil filter does not bend a single bit.

Superior filtration

The polyester fiberglass-synthetic filter of the Mopar oil filters provides a way better engine protection. It protects your engine by trapping harmful contaminants before they can cause damage.

No dry start

Dry starts can wear out the starter faster than if the engine is properly lubricated. But Mopar oil filters come with an anti-drain back system that ensures you don’t have to dry-start your vehicle.

Final Thoughts

In this guide, we tried to give you an extensive idea about precisely who makes Mopar oil filters and what makes them so effective for those heavy-duty diesel pickup trucks. Although Mopar oil filters are manufactured by themself rather than private label manufacturers like Purolator or Champ lab, they are made following the strict guideline Mopar provides to ensure superior filtration and customer satisfaction. This is why Mopar oil filters are so good at quality and widely sought after by many vehicle enthusiasts.


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