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An optima battery is durable construction and has high resistance to extreme temperature and vibration. These batteries last up to two times longer than ordinary batteries. Which optima battery is the best for the car. To know the details about optima battery differences between optima Blue Top vs Yellow Top vs Red Top battery. Read our optima batteries review comparison guide.

Optima Battery Differences

Red Top Vs Yellow Top Vs Blue Top Battery

Red Top Optima Batteries : Starting Battery for Light Vehicle Cars, Trucks and SUVs

For a normal engine cranking where an alternator instantly monitors the state of charge and provides energy to the battery whenever it’s needed. RedTop is designed to convey a high power cranking capacity of start for a dependable start-up each time even in harsh weather conditions. This can describe most stock cars, including RV underhood starting and automotive, trucks, SUVs, hot rods, streetcars, and heavy equipment. Where starting is the initial function and diesel cars without aftermarket electronics.

Yellow Top Optima Batteries : Starting and Deep Cycle Battery for Heavy Use Cars and Trucks

Use this when electrical loads are above average, or when the discharge cycle is quite a typical engine starting, like cars with multiple electronic accessories and cars except alternators. It is ideal for modern cars when it’s anything but a lot of accessories running electronics like a DVD player and power sliding doors. Faster recharging and 300+ discharge, recharge cycles. Deep-cycle and cranking power.

For instance: Racing cars without a charging system, diesel-powered cars with aftermarket electronics, and cars with inverters, winches, or other accessories.

Blue Top Optima Batteries : Starting and Deep Cycle Battery for Marine and Rvs

The BlueTop starting battery is to be used when an obsessive starting battery is required and it should never be used for cycling duty. When the battery’s only function is engine starting, use a BlueTop starting battery for RVs and marine applications.

The dual-purpose BlueTop (light gray case) is often used for both starting and deep cycling. It’s a real deep cycle battery with extremely high cranking power. Up to three times more recharges than other marine batteries. Uses include: trolling motors, heavy electrical accessories, marine applications, and RVs.

Red Top Optima Batteries Reviews

Optima Red Group Size 34/78 Dual Terminal Battery for Heavy Use

At first, my optima battery reviews the optima red group size 34/78 dual terminal battery. This battery is perfectly designed to provide high-power cold-cranking amps (CCA) ability even in cold weather. It has dual SAE/GM posts, is leak-proof, and is Virtually spill-proof. It is 15 times more resistant to vibration for durability. Up to 3x longer life and Maintenance-free. Also mountable in virtually any position.

Main Features:

optima batteries review comparison
  • Model: 34/78
  • Dimension: Width 6.94, Length 10.06, Height 7.88
  • Weight 38.80 Pounds
  • Cold Cranking Amp 800
  • 12-Volt
  • Reverse Capacity 100 minutes.

The 34/78 redtop is additionally vibration-resistant. So this battery will give you on your off-roading adventures. Not only that, but it makes it a downright durable battery as well!

You’ll notice this battery packs much more cold cranking amps than other optima batteries on my list. Also, you’ll haven’t any problems getting your car started on those bone-chilling December nights.

Alongside durability, you’ll find this battery is ultra-reliable also. After all, a 100-minute- reserve capacity parasitic drain isn’t even a problem now. So plow ahead and install that bass-heavy power stereo in your car! Then you will experience as I did, no light flickering and no shortages with this battery!

At last, installation couldn’t be easier. You don’t even get to know what an impact is to put it in your car successfully. Optima even throws in a few brackets to make sure an ideal fit. When I gave it a try, it only took a matter of minutes to urge it during mustang. So it’s pretty simple also.

Optima Red Top Battery Group Size 78 800 CCA

Optima red top group size 78 800 CCA battery is additionally built for extreme use in any condition. Optimal cranking amps make it more powerful which starting power continues even in harsh weather. This battery 15-time more resistant. Hence, it’s Vibration-free and additionally durable also confirms 2x longer life.

Main Features:

optima batteries review comparison
  • Model: 78
  • Dimension: Width 7.31, Length 10.06, Height 7.25 inches
  • Weight 39.05 Pounds
  • Cold Cranking Amp 800
  • 12-Volt
  • Reverse Capacity 100 minutes.

Internal resistance is additionally confirmed safety and reliability. Besides, reserve capacity ensures extra use in unfitness. It also ensures service in low power conditions. Spiral cell built confirms a robust and clean power source. Also, cranking amps make it more powerful.

But there’s a big difference in size and specification. It’s specialized for a robust starting burst. Hence, fast recharge saves you ample time. So this battery is the most suitable option for trucks, SUVs, and most cars. Optima red top 78 battery is ideal for heavy use by hot rods.

Optima Red Top Battery 75/35

The optima redtop 75/35 battery deep cycle car battery. It’s best for your trucks with winches, commercial vehicles, heavy equipment, and car electronics. This battery has impressive high-power delivery and extreme resistance.

Main Features:

optima batteries review comparison
  • Model: 75/35
  • Dimension: Width 6.81, Length 9.37, Height 7.75 inches
  • Weight 33.1 Pounds
  • Cold Cranking Amp 720
  • 12-Volt
  • Reverse Capacity 90 minutes

Optima redtop 75/35 battery will tolerate repeated deep discharges. It also lasts up to 3x longer than traditional batteries.

A true dual-purpose battery and deep-cycle power with every start. This battery is meant for demanding off-road and car audio applications. Low internal resistance provides more consistent power output and faster recharges.

Optima batteries have a 3-year free replacement guarantee – but odds are you’ll not need it!

Yellow Top Optima Batteries Reviews

Optima Yellow Top D34/78 Starting and Deep Cycle Battery

You would like something that’s easy to use, suitable for as many purposes under the sun as possible, and absolutely special. Then optima yellow top D34/78 starting and deep cycle battery for you. This battery is spill-proof, Mountable in virtually any position. Up to 3X longer life.

Main Features:

optima batteries review comparison
  • Model: D34/78
  • Dimension: Width 6.94, Length 10.06, Height 7.88 inches
  • Weight 43.50 Pounds
  • Cold Cranking Amp 750
  • 12-Volt
  • Reverse Capacity 120 minutes

It is leak-proof and vibration-proof thanks to its polypropylene casing. This casing protects it against extreme weather while also lending it resistance against shock and vibrations.
Because of that, you’ll expect this battery to last for much longer than your average battery.

This battery has high starting power even in the most extreme of conditions. Vibration resistance at up to 15 times more than normal batteries. It is a multi-purpose battery, which suggests it can power tons of things at an equivalent time.

With the yellowtop, however, the speed of discharge is pretty low, which suggests that the battery will lose only a really small percentage of its power when you’re not using it. That means you won’t need to recharge it as often and your operational costs also will be much lower.

Blue Top Optima Batteries Reviews

Optima Blue Top Agm 31M Marine Battery – Optima Boat Battery Review

Optima blue top deep cycle marine battery which will also start your boats is the D31M. One amazing thing about the battery is 155 minutes of reserve capacity. It works effectively for deep cycling, this is often the main reason.

Main Features:

optima batteries review comparison
  • Model: D31M
  • Dimension: Width 6.5, Length 12.8,
  • Height 9.38 inches
  • Weight 59.8 Pounds
  • Cold Cranking Amp 900
  • 12-Volt
  • Reverse Capacity 155 minutes

Also, I’m excited to tell you that it’s a double-purpose battery, which may start and deep cycle your boat. Its starting power is additionally impressive, rated at 900 CCA this is often so powerful. You can easily use it in your car, boat, or the other place you would like to.

This battery is designed for marine applications. It is designed to protect it from spills and vibrations. And it’s ready to handle several recharges.

What Are the Advantages of Optima Batteries?

The benefits of optima batteries Spiral cells technology are High power density and Rapid recharge capability.

  • It also has higher, more consistent voltage under load Increased.
  • 15 times vibration resistance.
  • 2 times longer than ordinary batteries, and maintenance-free.
  • Spill-Proof, mountable in virtually any position.
  • Faster recharging, Deep-cycle, and high cranking power.
  • The exceptional SpiralCell configuration gives a vigorous and clean power source.
  • ensuring the security of you, your family, and subsequently the environment.

Why Use the Red-Top Optima Batteries?

RedTop is designed to convey a high power cranking capacity of start for a dependable start-up each time even in harsh weather conditions.

  • It is great for extreme corners and hard launches.
  • Race-proven for every hot rod and off-roader with its leak-proof.
  • High-performance ability.
  • It is also great for everyday heavy use as an automotive battery, truck battery, or for other applications.

The higher reserve capacity gives you an extended shelf-life to offer you the facility when you need it, where you would need it. Its prestige as an automotive battery or truck battery is unrivaled.

Why Use the Yellow-Top Optima Batteries?

Optima YellowTop battery high-performance dual-purpose automotive AGM battery which provides extra performance.

  • It provides premium cranking power and unparalleled cycling capability (rechargeability) that your car demands.
  • It is ideal for modern cars when it’s anything but a lot of accessories like running an elite sound system/AV framework, winches, lights, or hydraulics.
  • The Optima yellow top battery is right for seasonal usage due to its very low self-discharge ratio.

That means you’ll store your seasonal cars every winter without regular charging and still spring out of the block when winter is over.

Why Use the Blue-Top Optima Batteries?

Optima BlueTop AGM battery is designed as a dual-purpose high-performance battery.

  • For people who need a powerful cranking, sure starting blue top is the right choice.
  • maintenance-free power source for both starting and deep cycle for their boat or RV, even in harsh conditions.
  • It will give you exceptional running time and more recharges than you’d get out of a traditional battery.
  • The higher reserve capacity gives you an extended shelf-life to offer you the facility when you need it, where you would need it.
  • The blue top marine battery is meant to be used with recreational cars or boats.
  • When you run large accessory loads like extensive electronic systems, trolling motors, and works well as an RV battery with comforts that tend to empty batteries quickly.
  • On top of its providing outstanding vibration resistance.
  • The BlueTop proficient power delivery and faster recharge time mean you’ll spend less time without worrying about your battery.

This suggests longer for fun. This versatile boat battery and RV battery is right for those that need a sure-starting, powerful-cranking, maintenance-free power source.

Charging Recommendations Of Optima Batteries

  • An Optima is an AGM battery, not a gel battery or normal flooded acid battery.
  • Most modern battery chargers, including OPTIMA Chargers, have an integrated AGM charge setting, which should be used for your Optima.
  • When purchasing a replacement charger, ensure it has AGM compatibility or a separate AGM setting.
  • Don’t use gel or gel/AGM settings, as this could not fully charge an Optima and may damage it over time.

Warning: Repeatedly charging at high current levels can damage your battery.

Technology Of Optima Batteries – Spiralcell.

At the heart of each optima battery may be a series of separate spiral-wound cells. Consisting of two pure (99.99%) lead plates coated during an accurate coating of lead oxide. One coated plate is positive and therefore the other is negative. The unique manufacturing procedure of spiral winding continual lead plates. It is way more consisting-controlled and costly than making traditional flat plate AGM batteries. Custom automatic cell-winding machines are necessary to take care of the close tolerances. But required to be careful of quality and performance. Critical tolerances, temperatures, humidity, and automatic processes are kept up and always monitored.

Optima Red Top Battery 1000 CCA.

When you are looking for a red top 1000 CCA. Then first of all you need to know that 1000 CCA means -1000 cold cranking amp. This optima red top battery is 800 cold-cranking amps(CCA) at 0° f. But it is also designed to deliver a strong burst of ignition power for a reliable start-up every time. And can be put out up to 1000 amps even at 32° deg. F.

Xs Power Battery Vs Optima Yellow Top Battery.

Xs Power Battery.

  • Xs power batteries have a variety of design features.
  • Two to 3 times the cranking power of flooded batteries of equal size.
  • Extremely low internal resistance, so they can be discharged more deeply and recharge faster.
  • These batteries focus on high-performance 12v and 16v batteries for auto racing and audio competitions.

Optima Yellow Top Battery.

  • Yellowtop optima batteries are designed to be completely discharged many times without losing their capacity.
  • As a result, they need lower CCA values and greater ah values.
  • It is ideal for modern cars with a lot of accessories like an elite sound system/av framework, winches, lights, or hydraulics.
  • Optima yellow top battery is right for seasonal usage due to its very low self-discharge.

Note: Optima batteries are still rated consistent with the obsolete CCA method. This isn’t as important because of the maximum amperage that xs power batteries use. But both companies produce their batteries for the same purpose. Yellow top and xs power batteries are best for racing cars where lots of electrical loads are used.

Also, there are a few simple differences between both batteries but those are not so major. Battery life also depends on your car, how much load your car has. Pick the best suitable battery according to your car loads then it will last longer.

Optima Battery for Yamaha Rhino.

Optima batteries can be used in Yamaha rhino. But the rhino does not have an actual charging system. It has a stator, and the stator only keeps the charge, not actually charging the battery. So when the battery is not in use you would have to charge that battery.

Optima Battery Hold Down Puck.

When you purchase The battery it will come with an Optima hold-down “puck”. It fits perfectly and it won’t rust or corrode since it is made of plastic-type material.
But noted all optima batteries do not provide battery hold-down puck. What you need to do is check their website. You will find yourself, which battery is providing a hold-down puck. Also emailed Optima or your seller and asked for free (if it’s available for that battery). But you must be sure it is really necessary for your car.

Optima 6-Volt Battery Hold Down.

The 6-volt battery holds down. it’s been engineered to suit underneath seats or the other tight space. It is machined from aluminum and black anodized for an extended-lasting finish. It also formed entirely within the U.S.A. It fits 6-volt optima batteries. The kit includes 2 uprights, 1 top hold down, and one base plate. And every one hardware needed to assemble the mount. 2 hold-downs are required for a 12-Volt OS. (Battery not included).

Frequently Ask Question About Optima Red Top Batteries

Q: How Long Do Optima Batteries Last?
A: An optima batteries last up to four years. Sometimes in a moderate climate, like San Diego, if someone might see four years out of a flooded battery, they could see up to eight out of optima. Optima battery can be last 5-6 years or more depending on its uses. Different batteries have different capabilities. So make sure you are using the right one for your vehicle.

Optima red top, yellow top, blue top marine batteries can have a longer lifespan. It actually depends on

  • The car electronics accessories.
  • Also, depends on what type of optima battery you are using.
  • What is the reserve capacity of your battery?
  • Is this red-top battery fit for your vehicle or not?
  • Maintenance of red top optima battery.

Most importantly you need to choose a proper optima battery according to your car’s overall electricity demand.

Q: How To Optima Dead Battery Charging?

  • Using the jumper cables connect the batteries in parallel.
  • Connecting the charger results in the terminals on the great battery.
  • Turn on the charger.
  • Charge the batteries for 1 hour.
  • Turn off the charger.
  • Disconnect the charger from the great battery.
  • Disconnect the jumper cables from both batteries.
  • Check for warmth.

Q: How to Tell If an Optima Battery Is Bad?
A: 12.0-12.4 volts – low with 25-75% charge. If your optima are during this range and you think that it should be charged, it isn’t taking or not holding a charge. This usually means your battery is sulfated. Which happens when it sits for an extended time (not charging) or is deeply discharged when it should not be.

Q: What Happened to Optima Batteries?
A: Everything is fine. Nothing bad happens with optima batteries. Also, optima are rapidly growing. They spread their products around the world. If optima battery found any trouble they research on that problem and bring updates to make optima battery.

Q: Do Optima Batteries Need to Be Vented?
A: Every optima battery I’ve seen isn’t sealed. There are, in fact, 2 vent plates on the highest of every battery (they appear as little round charcoal discs). Actually, optima batteries do not vent.
But the batteries do need vents and that can vent if overcharged. They’re also called sealed batteries. You not only don’t have to open the vents but you ought to not. The batteries don’t need fluid. For all intents and purposes, they’re sealed for all times. Once they do vent when overcharged they’re permanently damaged by losing a number of their potential capacity.
These batteries are called valve regulated. The valves maintain a positive pressure within the battery.

Q: What Does One Do with the Old Core Of Optima Batteries?
A: Bury it in your flower bed. It’s a tremendous fertilizer and you’ll have flowers and plants as you’ve never had before! Also, Most auto parts will take them. Some can pay.

Q: How Long Do Optima Marine Batteries Last?
A: There are not any guarantees, of course. But when properly maintained many users report a variety of 4-8 years of service. There are always circumstances where this is often much less, like defects and faulty chargers, among other things. The simplest thing you’ll do is. Buy an OPTIMA charger or a minimum of a top-quality marine charger with AGM settings. And follow the charging specs exactly. When using best practices, Blue Tops are expensive and quality tends to pay off At the end of the day.

Q: Why Do I Need My Receipt for Optima Batteries Warranty Service?
A: The OPTIMA warranty strategy requires a receipt from the original buyer. Your purchase receipt carries:

  • Set up the starting date of service.
  • Recognizes you as the original buyer.
  • Recognizes that the battery is utilized during a consumer (not business) application.
  • Recognizes the deal as a retail acquisition of new and unused OPTIMA Battery.

Also, when you need a replacement, you may have a couple of issues with the warranty. So you must collect your receipt while buying a car battery.

Q: Optima Batteries Are Junk Sale?
A: If you allow them to go flat, they’re trash. If you overcharge them even with a trickle charger. They’re going to leak whatever acidic goo that lives inside, then be junk.

I think that once they converted from producing the batteries in aurora colorado to Mexico the standard took a nosedive. But I feel that the optima batteries from the past few years are literally pretty decent. I’m actually running an optima battery in my trucks and tractors. I even have 6 blue tops in my solar battery which seems to figure out ok. Even though blue tops themselves aren’t that great for solar.
I bet I even have somewhere around 20 optima batteries immediately and that they all are working great.

Q: How Long Does a Red Top Optima Battery Last?
A: There is an example given according to user experience:
In 2010 I bought a fresh rav4, 6-cyl, fully loaded. Its battery died 5 years later in 2015. I removed the old one and replaced it with an optima red top. It lasts up to 5 years. It doesn’t give bad signs yet at all. This car was well maintained and mostly drove highway miles.
I’ve brought one for my show car and racer. For the past 7 years, I have had no problems with the red-top battery and I am satisfied.
The last red top was good, kept going for 10 years, and it was still acceptable. A Motorcraft battery in my F150 endured 12 years.

Q: Are Optima Red Top Batteries Good?
A: The redtop provides the strongest cranking power within 5 seconds. Whenever you would like to start out your vehicle, make it perfect for those that value reliability. These optima batteries are ideal for providing better ignition power to cars, trucks, and other vehicles that have properly sized alternators. But make sure you select the right red-top battery for your car.

Note: People couldn’t choose the right battery for their car. Also, select a used battery because of the low budget. After a few months, their battery is dead, so they think it’s battery problems.

Q: Do Optima Red Top 34r Is Easy to Installation in Chevrolet Silverado?
A: Optima red top (34r) to be used in 2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Z71 (5.3L V8). it didn’t require the modified base adapter (included in mine). It had been an ideal replacement. The vehicle cranked up instantly without any problem. The overall installation was very easy and uneventful.

Q: How Long Do Optima Yellow Top Batteries Last?
A: Yellow-top Optima batteries should last much more than 4 years. With the proper automobile, battery care can greatly enhance your automobile battery lifespan. The best way to confirm that your automobile battery lasts an extended time is to always keep it fully charged. Meaning that you simply should try to not leave your lights on or leave accessories plugged in. Also, confirm that your battery is usually checked during routine vehicle maintenance.

Q: What Type of Battery Is an Optima Yellow Top? Are Optima Yellow Top Batteries AGM?
A: Yes, that’s right, yellow top optima batteries are high-performance AGM batteries. This is one among the few true dual-purpose automotive batteries. This heavy-duty battery is additionally perfect for modern vehicles with a lot of accessories.

Q: What Type of Battery Is Optima Blue Top?
A: Optima blue top is an AGM battery. This marine battery is also called a boat battery. It is designed as a dual-purpose high-performance battery for RVs and marine applications. It’s a real deep cycle battery with extremely high cranking power.

Q: Who is not an authorized seller and where not to buy optima batteries?

  • All optima battery, charger, and maintainer resellers on eBay craigslist, Facebook, offer up, amazon or wall-mart 3rd parties (unless it is shipped & sold by amazon or wall-mart).
  • Online marketplace platforms are not authorized resellers.
  • Such marketplace resellers could also be selling aged inventory, used or damaged products.
  • They may be using unapproved packing for shipping.
  • So if you need a service or claim a warranty, they will not provide adequate support.
  • If you cannot find someone to speak about warranty coverage before you buy a product.
  • The chances are you will not be able to find anyone after you buy a product either.

Now the question is, who is actually authorized to sell new optima batteries?

The short answer is maybe a lot of sellers are authorized to sell and service optima batteries. But the list is far too long so you will not find it on optima websites or anywhere else. If you would like to find the nearest authorized seller then go to their website and use retail finder. You will find an authorized seller near you.
The interesting fact is, who isn’t in their retail finder, that does not mean he is not an authorized retailer of optima products.

So How Do You Know Who Is Authorized to Sell and Where to Buy Optima Batteries?

  • Authorized retailers will confirm with you before making a purchase.
  • They will adhere to & honor the optima warranty on all products they sell.
  • Authorized sellers will tell you all about warranty coverage before you purchase a product.
  • Online marketplace platforms but make sure the product is shipped & sold by amazon or wall-mart.

Q: What’s the Difference Between Optima Red Vs Yellow Top Batteries?

  • A: The red top is more sort of a standard automotive battery.
  • The yellow top however features a bit different chemistry, which makes it ideal for accessory heavy vehicles (DVD players, heavy-duty car audio systems, etc).
  • The red top is more vulnerable to going bad if it’s drained beyond a particular level.
  • The chemistry of the yellow battery gives it a plus, it is often drained lower and can come back once charged, more sort of a deep cycle battery.

Q: What Are the Difference Between Optima Yellow Top Vs Blue Top Deep-Cycle Batteries?
A: Blue top batteries have both automotive (SAE) posts and threaded studs, while yellow tops (other than d31t) only have SAE terminals.
Note: If you ever get confused about the colored tops. Just remember:-

  • If it’s a dark gray case, then it’s a starting battery.
  • If it’s a lightweight gray case, then it’s a deep-cycle (dual-purpose) battery.

Final Thoughts About Optima Batteries

After completely reading our optima batteries review comparison, now you can choose which type of optima battery is best for you. Before buying a car battery take a look at our car battery buying guide for a better idea.

The capability has more than 50 years of involvement with the power sports industry. The organization sources the highest-grade materials to make its items. One famous item is the FirePower Featherweight Lithium Battery. Red Top Optima battery is reliable and has a high cranking capacity. If you’re using so many electronics accessories in your car then Yellow Top is the right choice. Blue Top Optima battery is best for marine applications. Optima battery will guarantee to give you years of great performance.


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