Motul 7100 vs 300v – Which oil to choose?

Engine oil is one of the essential fuels for every vehicle. It is used to create smoothness and stability for the engine system. Currently, there are many types of engine oil with different proportions of crude oil and additives.

Engine oil is one of the essential fuels for every vehicle. It is used to create smoothness and stability for the engine system. Currently, there are many types of engine oil with different proportions of crude oil and additives.

Therefore, many drivers are confused to choose a set of good quality engine oil for themselves. To solve this problem, drivers can choose between the following two oils: Motul 7100 vs. 300V. The following article will give you an overview of these two sets of oils and help you to choose the better one for you.

Motul 7100 4T 20W-50 API SN Fully Synthetic Petrol Engine Oil

If you are looking for a top quality motor oil that will keep your engine running smoothly and efficiently, then you should definitely consider Motul 7100 4T 20W-50 API SN Fully Synthetic Petrol Engine Oil. This motor oil is specifically designed for use in 4-stroke petrol engines, and it meets or exceeds the latest industry standards for engine oil performance and quality.

It is also compatible with catalytic converters and is suitable for use in both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. One of the best things about this oil is that it is formulated to provide excellent protection against wear and tear.

This motor oil contains special additives that help to prevent engine deposits and sludge build-up, and it also helps to reduce oil consumption. It also has excellent high temperature stability and resistance to oxidation, and it will not break down or form varnish deposits even under the most extreme operating conditions.

Motul 7100 4T 20W-50 API SN Fully Synthetic Petrol Engine Oil is also compatible with all types of fuel, including leaded and unleaded petrol, and it can be used in engines that are fitted with catalytic converters.

What We Like

  • Suitable for prolonged usage
  • Engine stays cooler
  • Helps to increase lower end performance
  • Long-lasting protection to the engine
  • Motorbike runs smoothly

What We Dislike

  • Not suitable for racing
  • Initial cost is little bit higher

Motul 300V Ester Synthetic Oil

Motul 300V Ester Synthetic Oil is a high-performance synthetic oil that provides excellent protection and lubrication for your engine. It is specially formulated with an ester base oil that is designed to withstand the high temperatures and pressures of today’s engines.

This oil also contains a special additive package that helps to protect against wear, corrosion, and deposits. Motul 300V Ester Synthetic Oil is compatible with all types of gasoline and diesel engines, and it is recommended for use in high-performance applications.

Motul 300V Ester Synthetic Oil is a great investment for your engine. It is priced competitively and is a great value for the money. This oil is also easy to find and is available at most auto parts stores.

What We Like

  • Increases engine performance
  • Have friction modifiers
  • Increases smoothness in engine
  • Protection is better with high lubricity

What We Dislike

  • Doesn’t come with any API rating
  • Short drain intervals

A Comparison Between Motul 7100 vs 300V

Motun 7100 and 300v both are popular engine oil and have a great demand towards peoples. But as you need to choose the best one from these two’s, you need to check the comparison between them. Here we try to make a comparison in which you can choose the best one between Motul 7100 vs 300V.

Viscosity Grade

Viscosity is an important criterion for evaluating the performance of an engine oil. High viscosity will create smoothness and stability for the engine during operation. Also, it also reduces the incidence of corrosion and rust for the engine,

In terms of composition, Motul 7100 engine oil has a viscosity lower than 300V. However, both these oils are highly viscous. Therefore, you can safely use Motul 7100 and 300V without worrying too much about the performance of these two oils.

With its high viscosity, both would be suitable for off-road vehicles or commercial vehicles. Because these vehicles require a high viscosity for the engine system to operate at peak efficiency at all times.


Both Motul 7100 and 300V oils are synthetic-based oils. Because both their ester bases are in the V group. However, each type of oil will have a different ester base due to different technologies and the ratio of additives to crude oil.

With 300V engine oils, the manufacturer will use Motul Ester Core technology to make them. Therefore, 300V oil is also known as a special engine oil.

As for Motul, it is able to increase the engine power to 1.3 horsepower while maintaining the characteristics of the clutch. At the same time, Motul effectively protects transmission by adding anti-wear additives to the engine oil composition. Therefore, your car will always work with stable performance.


Although Motul 7100 oil has a long life, it ensures excellent performance, gives the engine a smooth working environment and does not make noise during acceleration. For 300V, it has the same capacity as the Motul 7100. When using this oil, it will help the engine run smoothly.


Motul 7100 engine oil will be suitable for some models such as: Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki,… For 300V engine oil, it is suitable for almost all engines.

Therefore, you can use this engine oil flexibly with extremely high performance. Also, with the Motul 7100, you can still use them with other engines, but the performance it brings will not be as high.

Motul 7100 and 300V- The Winner

The debate between Motul 7100 and 300V is one that has been around for years. Both oils have their supporters and detractors, but which one is the best? Which one is most favorite to the motorcycle riders?

The answer depends on your needs and preferences. If you are looking for an oil that will provide the best possible protection for your engine, then Motul 7100 is the better choice. However, if you are looking for an oil that is less expensive and easier to find, then 300V is the better choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you mix 7100 vs 300V?

The answer is yes, you can completely mix the 7100 with 300V without worrying about any efficiency issues. This mixed use case applies when you are using 300V but bought a 7100 and the mold wants to buy a new oil. The main goal of manufacturers is to provide flexibility in their engine oil.

What is the service life of 7100 engine oil?

Motul 7100 engine oil offers better service life than any other engine oil on the market. You can use Motul 7100 to travel 6000-7000 km and not need to replace it. At the same time, during this period, Motul 7100 oil will provide stable performance that contributes to smoothness and reduces engine wear. Also, you should not use Motul 7100 to travel more than 8000 km. Because then the performance of the engine oil will not be guaranteed.

Are Motul 7100 and Motul 300V Synthetic oils Better for Bike Engines?

Yes, Motul 7100 and Motul 300V synthetic oils are better for bike engines. They provide better protection against wear and tear, and they help keep the engine clean.

How long does Motul 7100 last?

Motul 7100 10w40 is a good performance engine oil that offers a buttery smooth experience at both low rpms and high rpms. Drain interval should be around 3500 to 4000 km which is good for your engine.

How long does Motul 300V last?

300V is not designed for extended oil change intervals, so it should be changed after a track/race event, at 3000 miles on ultra high performance street vehicles or 5000 miles on lower performance engines.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt to say that, both Motun 7100 and 300V are effective engine oils. But when it’s time to choose the best one you need to check out the comparison between them. In this article, we try to make a comparison between these two engine oils. Hopefully, this will be helpful for you to determine which is the perfect one for you. Thank you all.


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