How to remove Rain X wiper blades? [Easy Method]

How to take off rain x windshield wipers? This question comes to the mind of many car owners at the time they’re changing their old wiper blades.

Rain X wiper blades are renowned for their high quality and adaptability in rough weather. If you’re a fan of Rain X wipers, be sure that you have a good choice of car accessories. One of the good things about Rain X wiper blades is that they’re easy to install and easy to remove. But, when you’re installing or removing any car accessories, always do it carefully.

The process of removing Rain X wiper blades is almost same for the all models including Rain X Quantum, Rain X Latitude wiper blades. Therefore, we will be going to solve our users’ thirst with all of the following questions –

  • how to remove rain-x quantum wiper blades?
  • how to remove rain-x latitude wiper blades?
  • how to install rain-x latitude wiper blades

How to remove Rain X wiper blades?

  1. Confirm the type of wiper arm: Though Rain-X wiper removal process isn’t complicated and straightforward, the process depends on the type of wiper arms. There are 4 types of wiper arms-
    1. J-hook
    2. Bayonet
    3. Slide pin
    4. Pinch tab button

Here, though we’re discussing the exact process of removing Rain X wiper blades used by J hook arms, you can similarly follow the basic rules for other types of setup.

2. Follow these steps to remove wiper arms that are connected by J hooks.

  1. Pull up the wiper and keep it up.
  2. Jerk the wiper blades left-right to loosen the wiper arm.
  3. Disconnect the joining tab from the J-hook by pulling it down.

When to change Rain X wiper Blades?

Blade change indicator

Rain X is well known for its’ innovative changes in the wiper blade industry. One of the great features that you will notice with most of the Rain X wiper models like Rain X Quantum Beam Blade wiper blades is the blade change indicator. The indicator changes its color over time so that you can easily decide when to change the blades. Again, when you’re feeling that your existing blades aren’t functioning well, you should immediately replace these.

Final Words

Small maintenance such as removing old wiper blades or installing a new pair, need not a mechanics’ help. You can easily perform these tasks yourself. We hope you can handle it all along as you already know How to remove Rain X wiper blades.


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