Castrol Power 1 vs Motul 7100 motor oil compared

Any engine needs essential engine oils. In addition, for the machine to work smoothly, you must change it frequently.

Which oil is the best to maintain your engine operating at its peak performance? They come in various types and brands, like Castrol Power 1 and Motul 7100.

In this article, we’ll compare Castrol Power 1 and Motul 7100, two of the most widely used oils on the market, to determine which is best for your engine.

Castrol Power 1 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

Castrol produces the Castrol Power 1 10W-40 engine oil, which you can use in almost every engine type. This oil uses the Tri-zone technology it is manufactured with to protect all three crucial zones of your car.

The clutch, gearbox, and engine are the three crucial zones. It employs technologies developed for racing to maximize engine acceleration. It also has exceptionally high-temperature air cooling performance. This performance doubles as water cooling performance.

Its excellent shear stability guards against viscosity breakdown. It performs admirably on chilly starts and is unaffected by summertime heat. In addition, it functions flawlessly before shifting gears, as it did when you initially inserted the oil.

Motul 7100 4T 10W-40 Synthetic Motorcycle Oil

For performance and heat displacement, the Motul 7100 is ideal. It controls the temperature and also improves the smoothness of gear changes.

The Motul 7100 uses the Ester core technology to provide better engine protection. Its potent pressure formula is essential for safeguarding the gearbox. It also provides an increased engine performance and a notable reduction in oil usage.

This oil is a fantastic option for sport, street cruiser, and off road motorcycles, thanks to the ester core technology. You don’t need to worry if your bike has catalytic converters. The Motul 7100 offers a low sulfur and phosphorus formula for this kind of bike.

The oil complies with API standards and JASO MA2, which is backward compatible with API SM/SG/SL/SH/SJ.

Castrol Power 1 vs. Motul 7100: Which Is Better?

The synthetic motor oils Motul 7100 and Castrol power one are both developed to deliver improved performance. They also provide longevity in a range of vehicle applications. However, there are still a few differences between the two oils. These distinctions can tell us a lot about which oil is best for usage in various kinds of engines.

Oil Viscosity

Viscosity is crucial when selecting an oil for your motorcycle or car. The Castrol Power 1 and Motul 7100 brands don’t differ significantly.

They are both, therefore, ideal for usage in your high-performance car. To improve performance and engine efficiency, they utilize particular additives during manufacturing. Additionally, they offer enhanced protection throughout your engine’s life.

Oil Grade

Both Motul 7100 and Castrol Power 1 are synthetic motor oils. Motul 7100 is an oil with a viscosity grade of 4, while Castrol Power 1 has a viscosity grade of 5.

The API score is a rating system used to assess an oil’s performance. 

A higher API score indicates better performance. Motul 7100 has an SL/SH/SJ/ rating. The Castrol Power 1 gets a score of SN. Because Castrol Power 1 has a more excellent performance rating than Motul 7100, it is a superior oil.


Both Motul 7100 and Castrol Power 1 are synthetic oils. At temperature extremes, they both offer low and high-temperature viscosity performance. However, their artificial nature indicates that they are manufactured in a lab and not derived from any natural source.

Both of them possess more significant viscosity indices as well as more excellent chemical and shear stability. Additionally, they have a less evaporative loss. They are also resistant to oxidation, thermal breakdown, and oil sludge difficulties.

Oil Standards

Castrol Power 1 is ideal for engines, gearboxes, and other hydraulic systems because it satisfies the API SL grade requirement. In addition, auto parts like wiper motors and electric power steering systems can also utilize the Castrol power 1.

Motul 7100 can be utilized in various applications because it satisfies both the API SL and the ISO VG 320 grades. It applies to automobile transmissions, clutches, shock absorbers, and engines.

Temperature Range

Operating temperatures for both oils range from -30°C to +130°C. In addition, both oils are usable at temperatures as low as minus 80 degrees Celsius.

Motul 7100 can function from a minimum of -40°C to 110°C. On the other hand, Castrol Power 1 has a lower usual working temperature of -20°C.

The temperature range means you can use Castrol Power 1 at lower temperatures than Motul 7100. The temperature range relies on the engine’s type and the performance standards that the machine must meet.

Oil Economy

Castrol Power 1 has lower oil consumption. Its low oil consumption makes it the best choice for engines that require high performance and low fuel consumption like all-terrain vehicles and cruisers. On the other hand, Motul 7100 is a good choice for off-road motorcycles and classic cars that do not require high performance or fuel economy.

Oil Blend

Both oils have a high viscosity and are synthetic. However, because it comprises synthetic multigrade base oils and diesel engine oil, Motul 7100 oil has a better oil blend. This aids in defending the engine against oxidation, high temperatures, and other harsh situations.

Due to its increased ratios of zinc and phosphorus, Castrol Power 1 motor oil is a superior product. These components work best in preventing rust and corrosion in engines.

Castrol Power 1 vs. Motul 7100: Oil Test Results

The oil test is a laboratory assessment. It tests a lubricant’s properties. It also checks lingering contaminants and wears particles. Lab attendants analyzed these characteristics on both engine oils.

Four-ball wear test

This test evaluates a lubricant’s capacity to stop wear. A rotating ball is in sliding contact with three stationary metal balls. You are assessing engine oil while you submerge the metal balls in it. From this method, you can record the wear-related scar. For example, Castrol Power one engine oil was noted to have the slightest wear over Motul 7100 motor oil.

Total base number

Several chemical processes apply in this test to identify the main motor oil additives. For example, Castrol Power 1 displayed a total base number of 6.9mgKOH/g, whereas Motul 7100 displayed the most significant total base number (8.4mgKOH/g).

Cold cranking viscosity

Using the Cold Crank Simulator test, you gauge the viscosity of the engine oil at high shear rates and low temperatures. When you turn on the engine at a low temperature, the thickness of the engine oil is directly correlated. At a temperature of -30°C, Castrol Power 1 showed a lower level than Motul 7100.

NOACK volatility test

This test determines the amount of lubrication that leaks into the air. These lubricants escape when you conduct a high-temperature operation. When most of the engine oil evaporates, the engine oil thickens and gets heavier. Poor engine oil circulation may result from this. Motul 7100 has a higher resistance to high temperatures than Castrol Power 1.


Which motor oil is good for racing?

Because it offers a smoother ride and a smoother transmission while shifting gears, Motul 7100 is a fantastic engine oil for racing.

Which oil is better: Motul or Castrol?

The choice between the two engine oils may be difficult because they are identical in many respects. However, the Motul 7100 is the best because of its riding comfort.

Is Castrol Power 1 fully synthetic?

The Castrol Power 1 engine oil is a fully synthetic, modern premium engine oil designed to give users the best possible acceleration.

Which is the best engine oil?

As voted, the Mobil 1 extended performance oil is the best engine oil. It is the best engine oil because its design provides outstanding levels of engine protection. Moreover, it gives this protection even when you do not change the engine oil after a long time.

How long does Motul 7100 last?

When not used to its maximum potential, the Motul 7100 can travel for periods up to 8000 km. However, to be safe, you shouldn’t move it above 6000 to 7000 km. However, Motul oils are expected to last for 3 years at least. 

Final Verdict

There is no definitive answer to which engine oil is better between the Castrol Power 1 and the Motul 7100 – they are very similar in many ways. However, you should choose the engine oil recommended for your car or motorcycle. This way, you’re on the safe side and still get excellent performance from your machine.

If your engine doesn’t have a recommendation, you can use any oil from the two. Keep in mind, however, that the Motul 7100 has to be toppled at certain intervals when going on a long ride.


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