Best 4500-watt Inverter Generator for RV

Do you often take your RV (recreational vehicle) to embark on a road trip? You must know the importance of a consistent and reliable power source on the go. Fortunately, the portable inverter generators offer a great RV trailer experience with their clean, stable power to operate all vehicle appliances, electronics, and other devices.

We are here to talk about the best 4500-watt inverter generator for RV. In this guide, you will learn about five of the finest items to power an entire trailer or work as a back for emergencies. Our team has selected these generators for their superior build, runtime, fuel efficiency, and portability.

So, please sit back, relax, and let’s dive into the world of inverter generators for RVs.

5 Best 4500-watt Inverter Generator for RV

Best Portability
Champion Power Equipment 200986 Portable RV Inverter Generator

Best Portability: Champion Power Equipment 200986 Portable RV Inverter Generator

Best Runtime
Westinghouse Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Best runtime: Westinghouse Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Best Construction
Pulsar G450RN Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Best construction: Pulsar G450RN Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Best Budget
WEN GN4500 212cc Transfer Switch and RV Ready Portable Generator

Best budget-friendly: WEN GN4500 212cc Transfer Switch and RV-Ready Portable Generator

Best Dual Fuel
DuroMax XP4500iH 223cc Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator

Best dual-fuel: DuroMax XP4500iH 223cc Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator

Best Portability: Champion Power Equipment 4500-Watt Portable Inverter Generator

Champion Power Equipment weighs only 95 pounds. So, you can carry it easily wherever you go. It boasts excellent features which are ideal for tailgating and camping. Hence, you will love the multiple outlet options for charging different devices.

Starting with 4500 watts, the device can run at 3500 watts for up to 14 hours using only 2.3 gal gasoline. Besides, the quiet technology (61dBA) offers silent operation to keep your focus on activities you love to do. Intelligence provides information on the generator’s voltage, frequency, and runtime. Some other attractive features are EZ Start Dial and Economy Mode.


  • Consistent power supply for up to 14 hours
  • Great fuel efficient, lightweight, and better monitor control
  • Multiple households, automotive, and USB adapters for flexible applications
  • 3-year limited warranty with free lifetime support


  • Some users needed to pull several times to turn on the generator
  • The engine may produce annoying high-pitched noise while running (rare cases)

Customers’ Thoughts

RV owners are impressed with its quality build and performance. Many of them loved the quiet operation and easy monitoring of its implementation. Also, this product has got an appreciation for running in adverse weather.

Best Runtime: Westinghouse 4500-Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

If your priority is on advanced technology, you can choose Westinghouse. This portable generator has various modern technology to ease RV and other equipment charging. Also, its push-button electric start system can instantly turn the machine on and off.

Its LED data center monitors fuel level, run time, power and voltage output, and total runtime hours. Additionally, you can pair and sync it with other compatible inverter generators. You can use the generator to charge multiple electronic devices like computers, TVs, and cell phones.


  • Quick, convenient, and quiet operation
  • 18 hours runtime at 25% load of 3.4 gallons
  • Only 52dBA sound while it runs
  • Ideal for charging various electronic devices


  • Requires frequent cleaning to keep going
  • Slightly tough to secure the generator for a motorhome

Customers’ Thoughts

Most customers have loved its super quiet operation and appreciate fuel efficiency. Also, the 18 hours (12-15 hours exactly) runtime is another hot topic about this inverter RV generator. Others have posted positive feedback about the kit, instructions, and installation.

Best Construction: Pulsar G450RN 4500W Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator

Next, we prefer the gas-powered electric generator from Pulsar. Its G450RN 4500W inverter generator provides 15 hours of runtime at half-load consuming only 3.2 gallons of fuel. Also, you can talk to your partners freely at just 10ft. away from this super quiet (63dBA) machine.

This mighty generator starts at 4500 watts and runs at 3700 watts. Besides, the wireless remote start helps to control it from a maximum of 80ft. distance. One more thing, the extendable handle, and never-flat wheels are there to store and move it flawlessly.


  • Build for hands-free operation with wireless remote start
  • 15 hours consistent runtime at half-load using 3.2 gallons of fuel
  • Super quiet, RV-compatible, and CARB-compliant portable generator
  • Extendable handle and never-flat wheels for great portability and storage


  • The oil access point seems slightly difficult to open
  • Some users found it ineffective at cold temperatures

Customers’ Thoughts

After reading the feedbacks, we have found people are happy with the silent operation. The portability and fuel efficiency are also loved by many of them. Overall, this CARB-compliant generator is suitable for your upcoming camp or tailgating parties.

Best Budget-Friendly: WEN GN4500 212cc Transfer Switch and RV-Ready Portable Generator

If you have tough days thinking about powering RV trailers, we suggest you take WEN’s products. The GN4500 212cc Transfer Switch CARB-compliant portable generator is a perfect choice in WEN’s lineup. Like other great devices, it provides ample power flow to keep your RV going well.

Its 4-stroke engine can produce 4500 watts at starting and 3600 watts of power while running. Filling the tank with 4 gallons of gasoline will work for 13 hours at a half-load. You may also focus on the digital data meter showing multiple information like voltage, frequency, runtime, etc. You get a handle and wheel kit for carrying and storing the generator without any mess. 


  • Digital data meter for instant information
  • Features multiple outlets for versatile usage
  • Meets EPA III and CARB requirements
  • Automatic voltage regulator and low-oil shutdown for safe applications


  • Comparatively heavier than other portable RV generators
  • Louder than it claims, according to some users

Customers’ Thoughts

“Perfect size & plenty of connection options” – that’s what the customers think about this trailer inverter generator. Also, the wheel and handle kit help the users’ pure satisfaction and scope to carry it anywhere. It can be your next or first inverter generator for emergency backup or a consistent power source for RVs.

Best Dual-Fuel: DuroMax XP4500iH 223cc Digital Inverter Hybrid Portable Generator

Our last choice on the list is the DuroMax 4500-Watt 223cc Dual Fuel Digital Inverter Generator. You can pick this one if you need emergency backup power for your home, camping, or job site. From now on, you can turn on electronics with 4500 starting watts and 3600 running watts. Undoubtedly, it is one of the finest inverter generators with gasoline and propane. So, you are free to use whichever you prefer!

The consistent and clean power with remote start is ideally the best for powering the RVs. It is safe to use as it features a low-oil shutoff that shuts off the machine automatically after sensing low fuel. Moreover, the digital control center with LCD shows additional info like runtime, voltage, and load level. You can multiply the power using a parallel kit to connect another generator.


  • It gives freedom to choose between gasoline or propane
  • Automatic low-oil shutoff, digital control center, and LCD for secure operation
  • Quiet (63dBA) operation, fuel-efficient, and remote start
  • Suitable for any weather conditions


  • Portable yet heavier, so you may need to push it harder to move
  • Some users found it hard to pull the cord for the resistance

Customers’ Thoughts

Many users have bought this dual-fuel inverter generator for home and trailer applications. They loved the noiseless application and healthy structure. Additionally, propane can save more bucks than generators that run on only gasoline.

Buying Guide for 4500-watt Inverter RV Generator

You can find various inverter generators at the stores. But not all of them may work with RVs or trailers. So, we are here to help in making your purchase more successful. Keep these below facts in mind before buying a 4500-watt inverter generator:


By size, we refer to the measurement of the fuel tank and the whole unit.

In the fuel tank case, it has a major role in setting the generator’s runtime. There is a possibility of getting longer runtime if your selected machine has a larger fuel tank. But it also has a negative issue as a larger tank adds extra weight to the unit.

Alternatively, camping or RV inverter generators must be compact for better storage and easy movement. You may usually find 10-15” size generators for recreational vehicles. But you can select a larger one depending on your needs. Therefore, we suggest you choose a compact size as it saves space you can use to carry other stuffs.

Power Delivery

If you want an RV inverter generator, pick one that can deliver sufficient power to charge or run different devices and appliances. In this case, a 4500-watt inverter generator is a good one.

You may find specific generators if you want to charge handy devices like smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, or laptops. Even some devices can power the air conditioner of RVs and appliances.

We suggest you avoid powering all the devices at once. It can overload the circuit breaker and invite unexpected situations. Primarily when you use the air conditioner in your RV, try not to power other devices unless the generator is powerful enough like our mentioned ones.

Noise Level

It cannot be delightful if you need to turn off the generator while you are camping. Also, loud noises are harmful to the ears. Generators are technically noisy devices which is a drawback. But the good thing is modern inverter generators produce less noise.

You can check the product description to know the noise levels. Hence, generators producing 60-70 dBA or decibels suit anyone. You can run your regular conversation peacefully even if you stay close to the device.


Many RV owners may ignore this fact – the portability of the inverter generator. But this device should be handy to carry and store. You should not pick one that weighs a lot or has no option to move.

Generally, portable generators have never-flat-type wheels and user-friendly handles. These things help to load and unload the machine in the RVs. Also, you may find some alternatives that are permanently installed on the RV. They are connected to batteries or onboard fuel sources. But they may not offer sufficient features like portable ones.

On average, a standard inverter generator weighs 95-120 pounds. You should pick one that weighs less while keeping other factors in mind.

Number of Outlets

Inverter generators for RV typically have multiple outlets to power your gears. These outlets can be household, automotive-style, USB adapters, etc. Household outlets are suitable to connect and power household equipment. Similarly, a USB adapter outlet is great for charging portable devices like phones or laptops.

Check if your selected model offers these outlets or not. At least, it must have one USB port which is very useful on a trip or camping with RVs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some common queries found online are here when you look for a quality 4500-watt inverter generator:

Q: Who makes the best 4500-watt generator?

We cannot claim a single manufacturer as the “best maker” of the 4500-watt generator. But compared to most brands, you can find several of them are better than average ones. For example, we have discovered Champion Power Equipment, Pulsar, WEN etc., have great demand in the market. They produce unique generators that last for years. Even they meet CARB compliances for maintaining regulations. Also, they are suitable for the budget, fuel efficiency, features, and performance.

Q: What can a 4500-watt inverter generator run?

A 4500-watt inverter generator means it starts with 4500 watts but runs 3500-3700 watts. This power output can power one AC, a battery charger, a TV, and a WIFI router at minimum. Thus, you may see instructions or a user manual to know which devices you can use with the inverter generator.

Q: What size generator is good for an RV?

Typically, a 30-amp RV with an air conditioner can run with a 2500–2800-watt generator. But it is ideal to use a device that produces more power as many of us do not only want to run the AC only. The more powerful generator you can have, the more machines you can operate without worrying about power output. In this case, generators with 3500+ watts can be a suitable choice for any of the items discussed in this guide.

Q: Is there a generator that is not noisy?

Yes, many inverter generators produce less noise just like our regular conversation. Our guide has mentioned five less noisy products ideal for trailing, tailgating, or camping. Consequently, you should pick a generator that produces nearly 60 decibels (written on the package or manual).

Q: What is best, the inverter or the generator?

Conventional generators can produce comparatively more power and noise than inverters. They require lower initial costs and fewer expenses to have one. But, they are susceptible to sparks and heating issues. Even they cannot provide a long or consistent runtime for power output. Alternatively, inverter or inverter generators have no heating or spark issues. You can get clean and stable power from them.

Final Words

The journey of the best 4500-watt inverter generator for RV ends here. We hope we have resolved the problem of choosing the correct item for your RV.

All these five generators are excellent in their ways. They have high power and consistent output without producing lots of noise. Also, you can carry them anywhere and store them easily.

For best runtime, you can use a Pulsar G450RN inverter generator. If you move a lot with an RV, select Champion Power Equipment 200986 inverter generator. Similarly, WEN GN4500 can be the most affordable choice.

Thanks for sharing your precious moments here. Have a great purchase!


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