2010 Ford Escape Oil Type & Capacity

Just like every other engine, the 2010 Ford Escape has specific requirements in terms of oil type. While all kinds of synthetic oils may work with this engine, it’s recommended not to rely on those options. You must use the appropriate 2010 Ford Escape oil type to keep your engine running healthily. So what is the right oil type here? This article will tell you everything you need to know about it. Check it out. 

The Ideal 2010 Ford Escape Oil Type

SAE 5W-20 is the 2010 Ford Escape oil type. It’s a synthetic motor oil ideal for engines that demands better stability and more viscosity. The ford company themselves recommends this particular oil for the engine. However, if you can’t find 5W-20 oil near you, the 5W-30 oil type is also compatible with the engine. Although, it’s better if you stick to 5W-20.

But what does this oil type mean? Firstly, the number that comes before the ‘W’ of 5W-20 indicates the viscosity of the oil at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Simply put, the lower this number is, the better. Well, it’s better for cold temperatures. In other words, the 5W is a low viscosity rating that indicates that this oil can offer perfect lubrication during winter. 

In contrast, the number ‘20’, or the number that comes after “W”, is the oil viscosity at a high temperature. To be more specific, it’s the viscosity of the oil at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Here, the number indicates the thickness of the oil. The higher the viscosity, the thicker the oil. High thickness means the oil will adhere to the engine components even at warmer temperatures. 

Compared to other options, 5W-20 is a thin oil when the weather is hot. But it offers sufficient lubrication and perfect protection if the temperature is moderate or low. This is why, in most cases, 5W-20 is the ideal oil for the 2010 Ford Escape. But, if you are driving in a hotter climate, you may want to consider 5W-30 for the engine. 

Best Oil For 2010 Ford Escape?

You will find tons of oil options available for your 2010 Ford Escape. Well, you can’t go wrong with any of the 5W-20 oils available on the market. However, there are undeniably slight differences that make certain products stand out.

For example, Valvoline’s SAE 5W-20 motor oil is an incredible choice. Its fresh texture will protect your engine from premature wear. This makes it ideal for Fords that run for miles every day. The best thing about the oil is the detergent that comes with it. It helps to deposit the sludge clogged in the engine easily. In addition, the antioxidants keep the oil in perfect condition if the environment is not the best. 

While other 5W-20 may not perform that well in high temperatures for obvious reasons, this Valvoline oil can withstand all kinds of weather conditions. So, if you are not sure which oil to use with your 2010 Ford Escape, go for this Valvoline oil. 


How much oil does a 2010 Ford Escape take?

The 2010 Ford Escape has an oil capacity of 5 litres. This is an ideal amount considering that it’s a 4-cylinder engine.

What brand of oil is best for Ford Escape?

Though Ford doesn’t recommend any specific brand, Valvoline, Pennzoil, Ravenol, and Castrol are good options, considering the popular demand.

How much does 2010 ford escape oil cost?

The cost actually varies and depends on the brand and amount you are using. But roughly, it can cost around 40 to 50 bucks.

Final Words

It’s okay if you are not sure which oil type to opt for. Fortunately, you now know that 5W-20 is the ideal 2010 Ford Escape oil type. In addition, you have also learned which brand is the best for your car. Now, all there’s left for you is to utilize the knowledges you’ve gathered from this article and ensure a smooth, healthy ride in your car. 


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