2.7 EcoBoost Performance Upgrades and Parts

You can turn your 2.7 EcoBoost into an absolute beast with some slight modifications. After its launch in 2015, this engine received some amazing upgrades. With each update, the 2.7 EcoBoost became faster, stronger, and more stable. From intercooler to methanol injection, there are tons of things you can update in your engine. But all are not worth it. Some will just hog up your money without offering much. So, what’s the best way to go? This article has the answer. Here you’ll know about the 5 best upgrades that can boost your 2.7 EcoBoost’s performance by a lot. 

Best 2.7 EcoBoost Performance Upgrades You Should Get

As the name suggests, the 2.7 EcoBoost is a 2nd generation engine. This is an upgrade itself. In the update, there are additional port injections combined with direct injections. In other words, the engine now has the capacity to intake more fuel and, in turn, generate more power. However, the general modifications others make to utilize this benefit are costly. On the other hand, some simple upgrades can solve the issue and offer you an engine with amazing performance.

Here are those upgrades,

1. Cool Air Intake

Just like you, your engine needs air to function more fluently. Upgrading the air intake system means offering better airflow to the engine. This updated airflow improves the turbocharger, which improves engine performance. 

Your current air intake is probably working just fine. But, if you add an additional boost to your engine, it can create more obstruction for the air. In this situation, the stock intake system is forced to create more pressure to get the air in the right places. As a result of this, the engine loses most of its efficiency. 

In such situations, upgrading the air intake system can be a lifesaver. A stronger cool air intake system will effortlessly blow the necessary air in the system, resulting in sufficient power gains. Not only this, you will also get a faster turbo spool. The 5-10 WHP gain is another benefit you can enjoy from a new air intake system. 

2. Downpipes

Downpipes are the components that mainly lead the exhaust gas from the turbine housing to the exhaust system. Though initially, it may not sound like much, upgrading downpipes can offer drastic improvement. Let me explain!

The stock downpipe your engine is currently equipped with is not fully open. Similar to the stock cold air intake system, the stock downpipe too is restricted. This obstruction builds up exhaust pressure from the air building. The turbo back-pressure slows the engine down by affecting the turbochargers. 

This issue can be solved with the turbo having less back pressure. In order to do this, you need an exhaust system that has less amount of obstructions in the way of exhaustion. This is where the benefits of upgrading the downpipes come into the picture. Equipping your engine with an improved downpipe will allow the exhaust to pass through more freely. Due to the fewer obstructions, the exhaust gas doesn’t create much back pressure in the turbo. As a result of this, the engine can function more freely. Along with reduced turbo back pressure, a new downpipe adds 10-20 WHP to the engine. A better turbo spool makes the function of the engine smoother. 

3. Tuner

The engine tuner is an amazing component. It helps with modifying the ECU of the engine to achieve optimal engine performance. Adjusting or ‘tuning’ certain specific parts can greatly enhance the engine’s output. Not only the engine performance but a good tuner can also increase the engine’s lifespan as well. And, if you are upgrading air intake and downpipes, you should also get a tuner.

Proper utilization of a tuner can add up to 70 to 100 WHP to the engine. Tuners usually increase the psi or the boost pressure of the turbochargers, and this is how it helps with the engine’s power gain. This pressure basically fires up extra combustion with the aim of making the engine stronger. 

Engine tuners can also reduce turbo-back pressure and increase air intake. The best thing is it’s a simple plug-and-play device. Overall, this component is a must-have if you want to get the most out of your engine. There are tons of engine tuner options available on the market. But if you are not sure which one to get, check out the 4 Best Tuners for 2.7 Ecoboost and pick yours. 

4. Front Mount Intercooler

The intercooler of a car keeps the engine ‘cool’ during the function. This component sucks in the heater air from the outside, compresses it, and channels the compressed air into the engine’s intake manifold. In other words, this is a filter for the air to pass through before entering the engine. Although your car already has an intercooler, it is of little use. Yes, it works fine when you are driving normally. But heavy driving makes this component more or less impractical. 

Prolonged driving means boosting up the turbocharger. This means more heat production. When the turbo produces excessive heat, it is the task of the intercooler to circulate air to cool the turbo down. But when the heat exceeds the normal level, the intercooler gets hot too. As a result, warm air begins to circulate through the intercooler system. This whole situation, in turn, leads to a weaker and slower engine. 

But, if you upgrade to a better FMIC, your engine’s heat-soaking system will drastically improve, enhancing your engine’s overall performance. But what makes a new FMIC different? Well, an upgradable FMIC has a bigger surface area. This means your engine will get more cool air to soak up the heat. As a result, you will get more consistent performance along with fewer engine knocks. Most importantly, a good FMIC will add a few more years to your engine’s life span.

5. Fuel Modification

Chances are, your current engine is running on 87 octanes. While it may seem as if everything is working fine, the truth is far from it. 87 octane is not recommended for tuned Ford engines. This octane gas slowly kills the engine. In addition, it hampers the regular performance of the vehicle. So, what can you do?

Changing the fuel can make things better. Go for methanol if possible. This fueling modification can offer you up to 60 whp gains. The best thing about methanol injection is the fact that it’s a separate fueling system. You can use it along with the stock fueling system of your engine. In other others, meth injection provides additional fueling to the existing fueling system. If the stock fuelling of your engine is already running at 100% capacity, but it’s still not enough, then go for methanol injection. This will drastically improve your engines’ performance and lifespan

Final Words

Getting a top-notch engine is not enough. Yes, it will give you a smooth ride, but there is also some room for improvement. It is always recommended to get the updated parts and components for your vehicle if possible. Why? Because upgrades can enhance the engines’ performance by a lot. You may not need all the upgrades, but some, such as those mentioned in this article, are a must-have. If you can utilize all these upgrades, you are sure to have an impressive engine roaring inside your car. It will not make your rides better but longer as well. 



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